Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I register for classes?
  • There is a problem with my tuition bill, who do I talk to?
    • Call Business 406.243.2223
  • How much do classes cost?
  • When do classes start?


  • Is there an order to the courses I need to take?
    • There is no required order but we recommend taking the two foundations courses (ELD550, EDLD502, and EDLD551) early in the program.
  • Cyberbear lists "consent of instructor" when I try to register. What do I do?
    • You will need an override. Email and provide the course number, the semester you wish to register, CRN, and 790#.
  • What courses are being offered and when?
    • There is a tentative plan for course offering.  This is subject to change based on the best information available.  Course enrollments can dictate offerings. Please check a semester ahead for planning purposes.  In planning the M.Ed coursework, plan ahead by looking at spring semesters first.  In most years courses are offered either fall or spring.  Less M.Ed. courses are offered in spring so planning those first will avoid having a semester where no courses you need are available.  Disregard the colors used in the tentative schedule. 


  • What are the textbooks I will need for my classes?
  • Where do I order them?
    • Any vendor of your choice including the UM Book store. ORDER EARLY!
  • Can I use an earlier edition?
    • Contact the instructor before you decide to purchase a previous edition.
  • Can I use an electronic version?
    • Yes, but understand the page numbers on the electronic version may be different or non-existent. For citations refer to APA.

Field Experience

  • What are the requirements?
    • In the M.Ed program, you need 216 hours of field experience.  Please see the Fieldwork Documentation Workbook for details. For Licensure, you need 27 field experience hours per required course.  Please see the Fieldwork Documentation Workbook for details.
  • Is field experience required in the doctoral/specialist degrees?
    • No, unless you plan to acquire a principal or superintendent license through the program.
  • What is the field experience procedure?
    • Verification – An administrator will need to verify your field experience by signing the individual activities or by verifying a group of activities or all of the activities. 
  • Can I complete my M.Ed. or licensure program without completing the field experience?
    • Yes, however, if you want an administrative license in the state of Montana you will need to complete the field experience. Field experience is only required for those seeking administrative licensure.  Those in the international M.Ed. and higher Ed M.Ed. do not need field experience.

Administrative License

  • How do I get my administrative license now that I’ve completed my program?
    • Contact Kristi Steinberg, Licensure & Assessment manager at and she will provide the specific steps to get licensed for your situation.
    • Send your advisor your field experience documentation.
  • I have finished my certificate requirements, now what do I do?
    • Work with your advisor on applying for the UM graduate certificate.
    • Contact Kristi Steinberg, Licensure & Assessment manager at for your OPI license.


  • When should I contact my advisor?
    • Before contacting your advisor, please review your acceptance letter which contains important program information and links.
    • When contacting your advisor, note what program you are in (M.Ed in Educational Leadership, Ed.S. in Educational Leadership, Principal Leadership/licensure, Superintendent Leadership/licensure, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Ph.D. International Educational Leadership, M.Ed. International Educational Leadership).  Also, include what semester your question relates to.

M.Ed. Culminating Presentation

  • What is a culminating presentation?
    • The student will present for 20 minutes on a topic of their choosing demonstrating how they would implement a program or strategy to improved education in a school setting.  The student will present this from the perspective of a school leader (principal) and will demonstrate how the coursework will guide their implementation.
  • What semester can I present?
    • It is recommended that you plan your culminating presentation near the end of your final semester.
    • Contact your advisor at least a month ahead of your presentation to discuss your topic and presentation plan.
  • How do I do citations?
    • Use standard APA format.
  • What is the order of planning suggestions?
    • Have a conversation with your advisor.
    • Obtain a general idea of your topic.
    • Use the rubric to guide your development of the presentation.
  • How many courses need to be represented?
    • All that are appropriate.
  • What should I prepare for my presentation?
    • Rubric
    • Citations
    • Leadership perspective
    • 20 minutes
    • Integration of content from the program that applies
    • Know the material well enough that you don't need to read to the audience
    • Don't crowd the PowerPoint slides