Student Resources

The Department of Educational Leadership provides resources to assist our students in preparing and planning for their academic experience at the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education at the University of Montana.


Need an Override?

Nearly all students are required to obtain an electronic override for courses through the Department of Educational Leadership.

Please email your course instructor with the following information for an electronic override:

  • First and Last Name (as listed in Cyberbear)
  • 790 Student ID Number
  • Course Name, Number, and CRN if known
    • Example: EDLD 554: School Law  / CRN: 74611
  • The semester for which you wish to register

*You may need to complete University of Montana tutorials, such as the PETSA or AlcoholEdu before completing the registration process. These will be listed as holds on your account in Cyberbear, if they apply to you.


For information related to:

Online Technology

All courses offered through the Department of Educational Leadership are conducted through the online system called Moodle. If you are having difficulties with Moodle, please contact UM Online at 406-243-4999 or

EDLD's UM Online Moodle Instructional Presentation

Remote Course Information

Like degree options, the Department of Educational Leadership also has a variety of course delivery options. All EDLD coursework can be completed completely online or partially online. If you choose to come to Missoula, you may take many of the courses face-to-face and on-campus. Also available to you is our remote option where you attend class via Internet from a remote location. We have a unique way of offering remote instruction. Our remote students attend class via robotic telepresence. This means they literally take over control of a robot that is in the classroom from their remote computer and participate as the robot. The student can see and hear everything in the class and the class can see and hear them. They can move around the classroom, turn and talk to a classmate, participate in group discussions, etc. This has changed the nature of remote learning. The remote student is no longer a small face on the projector screen who can only interact with the whole group.

For more detailed information regarding the use of Double Robotics Robots, please visit the following pages:

If you will be registering for a face-to-face, on-campus course, but will be accessing the course remotely, please contact your instructor to reserve a robot and set up a practice session prior to your first class meeting. If you have previously been listed as an online student, but will now take a course remotely, additional steps may be required.