Andrew Wilcox

Professor, Fluvial Geomorphology

Welcome to my website. I am an environmental scientist with core expertise in geomorphology and hydrology, especially as applied to the nexus of water, energy, and food systems; sediment connectivity; climate science; natural hazards; and policy. My research seeks to connect landscape processes to global sustainability challenges, including how dams and dam removal influence river systems; hydroelectric power and sustainable energy systems; landscape responses to climate change and human influences; freshwater biodiversity conservation; and water quality, quantity, and security.  I also investigate relationships among geomorphic, hydrologic, and ecosystem processes; application of geomorphology to assist quantification of ecosystem flow prescriptions in dammed rivers; sediment transport and channel response associated with dam removal; morphology and hydraulics in steep streams; and process-based approaches to stream restoration. 

andrew wilcox seated near a river
Twitter: @awilcoxgeomorph