Academic Information

Academic Information

Cyberbear ^

  • Cyberbear is the hub for student registration, grades, and bills.
  • Registration is usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • In order to access Cyberbear, the student is required to enter their NetID, provided in the student’s acceptance packet, and PIN (Personal Identification Number).
  • The first time a student logs in to Cyberbear, the student’s PIN will be the last six digits of that individual’s student ID number (790#).  

Registration ^

  • All students register for classes via Cyberbear
  • Incoming International exchange students may register for classes before their arrival to UM, as long as they've received their assigned 790 number from our office. If students choose to register prior to their arrival, they will increase their likelihood of enrolling in their preferred classes and still have the option to change their classes after they arrive.  
  • Students at the undergraduate level must register for at least 12 credits, which is "full-time student status"; students at the graduate level must register for at least 9 credits.  
  • Every student will be assigned an academic advisor in their acceptance packet to assist with choosing appropriate courses. You will need to receive your advising PIN from your advisor in order to register for classes. They will likely only provide this PIN once you've come to an agreement on the classes you wish to take.
  • Please note that some classes may require extra fees, which will appear in your Cyberbear semester bill upon registration. These extra fees will also be listed in the class descriptions as you register.
  • Here is the list and explanation for any registration errors you could encounter.

UM Course Catalog ^

  • A listing of all courses offered by UM for any given academic year can be accessed through the University Catalog.

Building a Class Schedule ^

  • To see which specific classes will be taught in the next semester or have been available in past years, you can visit the Course Search Tool.
  • Students can search for classes and find information about their scheduled day, time, professor, location, description and prerequisites.
  • Any special fees for the classes (for which the student will be responsible) are listed in the course descriptions.  
  • It is important to note the five-digit Course Request Number (CRN), as this number will be required for registration.

ESL Course Recommendations ^

  • Students with a TOEFL score of 500-525 are strongly recommended to enroll in Intermediate English for Academic Purposes: EASL 250 during their first semester and EASL 251 during their second semester.
  • Students with a TOEFL score of 526-580 are strongly recommended to enroll in Advanced English for Academic Purposes: EASL 450 during their first semester and EASL 451 during their second semester.