Incoming ISEP Students

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We are excited that you are interested in the International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP)!

Your university must be an ISEP member university to study through this program. Find out if your university is a member of ISEP on ISEP’s website

First, students apply to their home institution’s International Office and request placement at the University of Montana. Once nominated by their home institution, the student’s application is forwarded to ISEP’s office.  ISEP then reviews the student’s application and places the student at an appropriate U.S.-member university. Students cannot apply directly to the University of Montana.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact our office here: 

Click through the tabs below to learn more about the specifics of your study abroad in Montana!

Important ISEP Program Information

Please review the requirements tab on our Incoming ISEP program brochure.


Incoming ISEP applicants must be:

  • accepted by ISEP
  • placed at the University of Montana
  • meet the English Language Proficiency requirements, outlined on our program brochure

Prospective students can read more about our ISEP program on our brochure page here.


Please note that students will not be able to create an application until invited by our office to do so.


Students will receive the invitation from our office to start an online application once we have received the placement from ISEP. If you need clarification, please contact us at: 


Once a student has access to the application, they will be able to access the online application through the program brochure's "Apply Now" button.


In order for the student's application to be considered for their study abroad program at the University of Montana, the student must meet the requirements listed above, complete all requires questionnaires and signature documents, as well as upload all required supporting documentation, by the application deadline. Refer to the program brochure for more specifics.

Click here to learn more about registration, the UM course catalog, class schedules, CyberBear, and English as a Second Language course recommendations.

Fall 2022

Please note that dates and costs are subject to change without notice. Any changes will be published here first.

The following might be subject to change depending on the conditions of the global pandemic. Read more about UM's coronavirus information here.

Fall 2022 semester
August 15 - 17 Early Arrival
August 18 - 20 International Student Orientation
Aug 25 - 26 New Student Orientation (domestic and international)
August 29 Autumn Semester Classes Begin
September 5 Labor Day – No Classes, Offices Closed
November 11 Veterans Day Observed – No Classes, Offices Closed
November 23 Student Travel Day – No Classes
November 24 - 25 Thanksgiving Break – No Classes, Offices Closed
December 9 Last Day of Regular Classes
December 12 - 16 Final Exams

Spring 2023

Please note that dates and costs are subject to change without notice. Any changes will be published here first.

The following might be subject to change depending on the conditions of the global pandemic. Read more about UM's coronavirus information here.

Spring 2023 semester
*(TBA) Early Arrival Housing Open
*(TBA)  International Student Orientation
January 5 - January 6 New Student Orientation (domestic and international)
January 9 Classes Begin
January 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No Classes, Offices Closed
February 20 President's Day Holiday - No Classes, Offices Closed
March 13 - 17 Spring Break - No Classes
April 28 Last Day of Regular Classes
May 2 - 5 Final Exams

Estimated Costs

Estimated Costs
New Student Fee $150
Lewis & Clark Apartments $600 / month

$200 - $400 / month

(depending on eating habits)

Early Arrival Housing $23 / night

Textbooks and Supplies, Special Course Fees 

$500 / semester, varies by class

UM Student Health Insurance

Not applicable to ISEP students!

ISEP students will be given a room within the Lewis and Clark apartments, off-campus, after completing the housing application. The Lewis and Clark Village is conveniently located on the South Campus of the University of Montana. The apartment complex is within walking or biking distance to campus and is just a short drive or bus ride. UM bus services are available for convenient transportation to UM's campus.


Because the Lewis and Clark apartments have a built-in kitchen, students will not be charged for an on-campus meal plan. However, that doesn't mean that students cannot indulge in the many on-campus dining opportunities. ISEP students will receive a meal stipend that they can use at local restaurants, grocery stores, or on-campus dining halls.


Visit our ISEP program brochure for more information.


  • Since you are required to enroll in the ISEP Student Health Insurance Program, you do not have to purchase the UM Blue Cross Blue Shield Student Health Insurance, nor show proof of other equivalent health insurance coverage.


  • Students living on campus have the option to protect their belongins through GradGuard's exclusive student-endorsed renter's insurance program. For about $11 per month, you'll be able to receive protection for damaged or stolen property. Learn more here.


ISEP students' visas are sponsored by ISEP, and not by the University of Montana.

Travel Authorization

ISEP students wishing to travel outside of the United States (even for travel to Canada!) during their exchange period must have their DS-2019 form signed by ISEP central PRIOR TO THEIR
TRAVEL OUTSIDE THE U.S.A. Please contact the International Students and Scholars (ISS) office to arrange the signing of your DS-2019 shortly after your arrival in Missoula.

Working While on Exchange

It is essential that you obtain permission to work while on exchange in the U.S. if you wish to work during your stay, or you will be in violation of your visa status.  As a J-1 exchange student, you can work part time on-campus or off-campus (under special circumstances) during the semesters, or full time during holiday periods within the exchange period. You may also beA picture of exchange students with a beautiful background able to complete an academic training period (an internship) as part of your exchange.

ISEP Exchange students must request authorization for employment and academic training through the Education Abroad office. Plan to visit Education Abroad at least four weeks before you plan to begin to work. Requests for academic training must be submitted to Education Abroad by the beginning of November for the Spring term and by mid-March for the Summer term.

If you plan to work, you will need to apply for a Social Security Card at the Social Security Office, located at 3701 American Way, Missoula, MT 59808, phone (866) 931-9029. You will also need this card to get a driver's license, if you wish to do so. Remember to bring your passport, DS-2019, and I-94.