Bed Height Options

Bed Height OptionsA variety of bed heights are available to students in the Residence Halls depending on which hall you live.

  • Craig, Elrod, Duniway, Jesse, Pantzer, Turner, Knowles, and the 1st-4th floors of Miller Hall have the choice of standard height, captain height, or lofted height.
  • Miller Hall 5th floor offers the choice of standard or captain height, but not lofts due to ceiling height constraints.
  • All beds are set at the standard height by default. You only need to request a bed height if you want to change it to the captain or loft. 
  • Bed height change requests apply only to the Residence Halls and are not available in Lewis and Clark Village or University Villages.

UM Housing does our best to have all bed height changes completed prior to when a student moves into the room. We recognize it is much more difficult and requires rearranging your personal belongings to change the bed levels after you have moved into your room. Due to this, the deadline for bed height change requests is July 25, and costs $35.00.

How to Request Your Bed Height Change

Bed height requests must be submitted through myHousingPortal, and the additional cost will be billed to your student account. If you are assigned to Jesse or Miller Hall and want to captain your bed, you do not need to submit a request in the portal (lofts still require a request in the portal). You will be able to captain your bed yourself when you check in. See your area desk to checkout the mallet to adjust your bed. 

With the exception of captained beds in Jesse and Miller, safety issues preclude us from allowing the residents to adjust the height of their bed on their own. The bed changes must be made by trained employees of the University. If UM Housing staff determines that a student has made their own bed change, we will inspect the bed to make sure it was properly installed, and the student will be charged a bed height change fee. 

- Prior to the July 25 deadline, bed height requests are submitted in your existing Residence Halls Academic Year application and the cost is $35.00.

  • Login to myHousingPortal
  • Select Residence Halls from the menu
  • Scroll down and select Continue next to your application
  • Navigate to the Bed Height Change page and submit your request

- After the July 25 deadline, students will need to wait until they have checked into their room and then submit a work order request in their myHousingPortal and the cost is $50.00.

  • Standard Height Bed

    Standard Height Bed

    Standard height does not need a request as the beds are at standard height automatically. At standard height, there is approximately 19.5 inches under the bed for storage.

  • Captain Height Bed

    Captain Height Bed

    The mattress of this bed is located approximately 37 inches from the floor and gives you 31 inches under the bed, which is plenty of room for under the bed storage without the use of a ladder to get into bed.

  • Loft Height Bed

    Loft Height Bed

    At this level, the mattress on the bed is approximately 66 inches from the floor and allows for the placement and use of a desk, easy chair, or loveseat (not a couch) in the 56 inches of space under the bed. This option is not available on the 5th floor of Miller Hall.

  • Bunked Bed

    Bunked Bed

    The mattress on the bottom bed is approximately 29 inches from the floor and the top bed is approximately 66 inches from the floor. This leaves the floor space in the rest of the room available for desks and other furnishings and 19-1/2 inches under the bottom bed for storage. If requesting a bunked bed, please talk to your roommate and make sure you both request this in your portal. UM Housing will not bunk beds unless both roommates request this option.

    Due to COVID-19 mitigation efforts UM Housing currently is not bunking beds for Spring of 2021. UM Housing plans to allow bunked beds for Fall 2021.

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