Services for Faculty

The College of Humanities and Sciences Career Planning Center supports liberal arts students’ career readiness and is dedicated to inspiring and preparing students to create lives of opportunity aligned with their purpose and values. Our vision is that all our graduates find authentic challenges, career opportunities, design career plans, and are able to communicate their employable skills in moments that matter.

We are equally dedicated to supporting faculty as you help your students develop, integrate, translate, and express the value of their liberal arts education and the relevance of core career competencies. Our shared responsibility is to help students integrate, articulate, and translate the value of their curricular and co-curricular experiences into the language of the workplace. We invite faculty to join this effort by partnering to achieve this vision together.

Syllabi Skills Extractor

Let your students know the career skills they are acquiring in your class.  EMSI-Burning Glass has created a free Skills Extractor web software that allows faculty to cut and paste their syllabi and extract in-demand job skills based on their syllabi content. The skills identified come from EMSI’s open-source library of 32,000+ skills gathered from hundreds of millions of online job postings, profiles, and resumes—updated every two weeks.