Montana American Indians in Math and Science (MT AIMS)

About Our Program

  • The Montana American Indian in Math and Science (MT AIMS) program is a partnership between the North American Native Research and Education Foundation (NANREF) and the University of Montana (UM).
  • We serve Native American students from 6 th – 10 th grade. The long-term vision of the AIMS program is to provide linked STEM programming to Native American students across the country, from sixth grade through their freshman year in college, and continued support through the pursuit of a Ph.D.
  • The program utilizes Field Initiated Innovations in improving and expanding STEM learning and engagement. 


MT-AIMS Summer Camp

  •  There are 3 components to Montana AIMS – Gatherings for new students, Journeys for returning middle school students, and Pathways for returning high school students. These highly anticipated programs are all on the University of Montana campus. The students participate in fun-filled activities that promote increased STEM engagement while encouraging college access for students. Evening and weekend activities will also be coordinated to provide an overall fun and memorable experience while forming a community of students. This program is FREE to students – food, lodging, transportation (within Montana), and programming is all provided.

    · Gatherings is for new students who will experience a hands-on, STEM program for two weeks on the University of Montana Campus. This program runs from June 5th – 14th, 2023. Students will take part in building their own computer along with other STEM programming that includes activities from chemistry, physics, math, natural resources, biology, and other related fields. MT AIMS will visit during the academic year to see how you are doing in your classes and provide money for good progress.

    · Journeys is for returning middle school students for a 1-week intensive program that will focus on a single STEM area to provide a more in-depth experience. The program area rotates every year. Journeys will be held June 19th - 25th, 2023.

    · Pathways is for returning high school students that focuses on project-based programming that students will work in teams putting together. Included are classes in math, science, and writing to augment academic year learning as well as assistance on their projects. This program runs from June 12th – 23rd, 2023.

    MT AIMS is also seeking counselors to be part of this experience in being role models and mentors to students. These are paid positions include food and lodging during the program.

    · 6th-10th grade students, APPLY HERE!

    · Apply to be a Summer Counselor! The minimum requirement is to be at least 18 years of age and/or a college freshman. APPLY HERE!


Contact MT AIMS

If you are a student or a counselor interested in being part of MT AIMS, please apply and more information will be sent to you. Please contact MT AIMS Associate Director, Stephan Chase ( or MT AIMS Director, Aaron Thomas (, 406-243-2052) with questions on this program. logos