UM IT Groups

Software Asset Management (SAM) Roundtable

IT hosts monthly meetings on campus software licensing. The goal of these discussions is to increase our collective understanding of UM's distributed software purchasing model to determine if we can improve the model to save money, time, and energy. We invite IT directors, office administrators, and those involved in software procurement and/or distribution to attend these Roundtables. Come prepared to share your experience, comments, and suggestions.

Tech Partners

Technology Partners is designed to form closer alliances between IT and individual departments on campus. Tech Partners is a strategically managed partnership between local technology support staff and central IT to increase the efficient and effective use of departmental computing resources. There are three categories of Tech Partner members:

  • Departments who wish to participate are asked to select a departmental staff member to act as their front line information technology support liaison
  • Departmental IT support staff member
  • IT staff

Benefits of Participating

  • Regularly scheduled meetings where IT will provide information about developments related to technology. Tech Partner members disseminate the information to their department and then convey suggestions or issues of concern back to IT.
  • Participation in an online discussion group. Members will receive information about technical issues, training opportunities, meetings and other special events.
  • Participation in a phone announcement system, which is used to communicate critical IT-related information to members when other means of communication, such as e-mail and/or web access, are unavailable.
  • Participate in Slack conversations with other technologists at UM.

To become a Tech Partner, fill out the online application. Once the application is received your membership will be confirmed.

Board Members 2022-23

  • Lorrie DeYott
  • Clayton Dutton
  • Mike Hausler
  • Kit Edington
  • Antony Jo
  • Timothy McHenry