Scholarships and Financial Aid

At the University of Montana, we understand that receiving support to finance a master’s degree can mean the difference between attending or not attending.  That is why we work to present students with competitive financial aid packages. The School of Journalism offers teaching assistantships, research assistantships, fellowships and scholarships to help defray educational costs.

The School of Journalism is also a member of the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP), which allows students from 15 U.S. states to enroll in our program at in-state tuition rates, an opportunity that draws students from across the Western U.S.

The School of Journalism assists its graduate students with tuition and research expenses by providing opportunities for scholarships and fellowships. Explore these opportunities in detail by clicking on the links to the left.

The School of Journalism at the University of Montana continues to find new ways to assist graduate students fund their educations. In the past, the National Science Foundation awarded the School of Journalism a grant that helped students produce environmental science stories affecting rural and Native American communities in the state. While this funding is no longer available, new opportunities emerge each year. Our Crown Reporting Project, introduced in 2014, annually funds reporting projects for two students to advance storytelling on climate, communities and conservation in the Rocky Mountain region of Montana, Alberta and British Columbia.

To learn more about tuition and fees, check the University of Montana's Graduate School website. Financial aid information is also available through the Graduate School.