Our program aims to equip students with a strong foundation in core areas of linguistic analysis and to train students to think critically about a broad range of issues in language use, development, variation, and change.

Faculty interests include Indigenous languages of North America, language development, phonology, semantics, morphosyntax, and typology. We offer a range of courses in general theoretical and descriptive linguistics, as well as coursework leading to a Certificate of Accomplishment in ESL. The Linguistics Program at UM is the only degree-granting unit in Linguistics in Montana. 

Linguistics Program Options

Career Options

What Can I Do with a Degree in Linguistics?

A degree in linguistics prepares you for a wide range of jobs and careers. Linguistics is a diverse field intersecting with various other disciplines such as anthropology, computer science, communication, engineering, language teaching, neurology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and speech & hearing science. Studying linguistics helps you develop skills such as analytical and critical thinking, problem solving, organization, and data collection and analysis. 

Language teaching

  • second language teaching
  • teaching English as a second language
  • teaching English in elementary and secondary schools 

Service Industry

  • translator
  • interpreter
  • subtitler

Technical and academic professions

  • speech pathologist
  • accent coach
  • audiologist
  • professor
  • lawyer
  • researcher

Publishing and Writing 

  • editor
  • lexicographer (dictionary editor/developer)
  • publishing
  • technical writer

Information technology

  • natural language processing
  • machine translation
  • speech recognition
  • speech synthesis
  • language data analyst


  • librarian
  • archivist
  • marketing specialist
  • web developer 


Contact Tiana Jensen for academic advising by email (tiana.jensen@mso.umt.edu) or phone (406) 243-2928.