5-Year Combined BA/MA in Linguistics

Students interested in pursuing this program take 12 graduate courses during their senior year.  These credits can be counted toward the BA, and later transferred and counted toward the MA.

Steps for completing the BA/MA in Linguistics

Declare a Major in Linguistics

Fill Out a Pre-Application Form

Students fill out a pre-application form and submit it by email to the Linguistics BA/MA Coordinator (Mizuki Miyashita) before registering for their 4th year. For advising purposes, it is beneficial for a student to submit this form as soon as they express interest in the combined BA/MA program. 

Complete the Requirements for the Linguistics BA

See BA requirements 

Take Graduate Courses (4th/Senior Year)

Students take four graduate courses in their 4th year. The four courses are determined in consultation with the Linguistics Program faculty.

Apply for BA Graduation

 Complete a graduation application and submit to the Registrar's Office.

Apply to Graduate School for Admission

During the Spring Semester of their fourth year, students apply to the Graduate School for admission to the MA program in Linguistics. (See Admissions page.) In order to be admitted to the MA program, a student must receive at least a B in four courses that are eligible to be transferred to the Graduate School for graduate credit. (See below.) Students whose academic performance in the fourth year does not meet this requirement, but who earn minimum grades of  C- in each course and achieve an overall  GPA or 2.0, will earn a terminal BA in Linguistics. 


Take Graduate Courses (5th Year)

Students who successfully complete the above requirements and are admitted to the MA Program in Linguistics:

  • Request to transfer 12 credits to the Graduate School
  • Complete 24 graduate credits (12 credits per semester)

See also Linguistics MA requirements.

Thesis and Comprehensive Exam Options

Any student may elect to pursue the comprehensive-exam option. Students wishing to pursue the thesis option must be approved to do so by the Linguistics Program faculty. BA/MA students will be given the opportunity to submit a draft thesis proposal in their 4th year. 

 updated on 2/11/2022