Receive a Master’s in a multi-disciplinary field, with a focus in business in three 2-year steps

Step 1 (within first 2 years): Earn Your Associate’s Degree & Optional Certifications

These are just a few examples of over 20 great courses that can help you get started toward your business career:

  • BGEN 215: Career Readiness for Business Occupations 3 Credits
  • BGEN 105: Introduction to Business 3 Credits
  • BGRN 220: Business Ethics & Social Responsibility 3 Credits
  • COMX 115: Interpersonal Communications 3 Credits
  • CSCI 172: Introduction to Computer Modeling 3 Credits

Certification Options that you can earn to enhance your degree while at Missoula College or Helena College:

Missoula College:

  • Accounting Fundamentals Certificate (CAS)
  • Customer Relations Certificate (CAS)
  • Business Media Design Certificate (CAS)
  • Legal Studies (CAS)
  • Sales & Marketing Certificate (CAS)

Helena College:

  • Business Entrepreneurship Certificate (CAS)
  • Bookkeeping Certificate (CAS)

Step 2 (within second 2 years): attaining your Bachelor’s Degree in a business-related field

Step 3 (within third 2 years): Master’s Degree

Sharpen your knowledge by narrowing your studies with one of the following degrees:

  • Organizational Management
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Internet Marketing and Entertainment Management