Explore Our Accounting Programs

Backbone of Business

Our accounting program offers students two degree pathways: the Associates of Applied Science - Accounting Technology which requires a total of 60 credits and takes two years for full-time students (15 credits/semester), and the Certificate of Accounting Fundamentals (30 credits).

Our certificate program will equip you with bookkeeping skills and the fundamentals of accounting (hence the name).

  • Interested in starting, or are already running, your own business, and are in need of upping your accounting game?
  • Jobs are always in demand, and it is a fantastic career to pursue.
  • We at Missoula College work closely with business, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve and send our students into the "real" world feeling confident and capable.

The one-year Certificate leads right into the 2-year Associates, so you can easily 'stack' credentials to maximize your education.  Additionally, about 1/3 of our students who receive their Associates degree go on to pursue a Bachelor's in Business Administration (Accounting).  Of that, some even continue for their Masters and sit for the CPA exam! The sky is truly the limit!


"The return on investment for my education is remarkable for both my career and personal growth. The associates degree I earned was not just a piece of paper, but a gateway to new beginnings and opportunities..."

~Tina Plute