Missoula College Healthcare Professions


Admission to a specific Health Professions (HP) program requires documented completion of the Associate of Arts (AA) prerequisite courses as required by the specific HP program to which the student is applying. The AA prerequisite courses are different for each HP program and are listed in the specific program description in this catalog. A prerequisite course may be attempted a maximum of two (2) times. Any prerequisite course required for an HP program must be taken prior to acceptance into the program. Additional requirements for admission to each of the HP programs vary and are also listed in the specific program descriptions.

Students enter the Missoula College UM as pre-major student of the program of choice and select courses from the required prerequisite courses after conferring with an HP advisor. Assessment of writing for placement in writing courses follows University guidelines and is offered during orientation and at various times during the semester. Math placement is determined by the ALEK placement test and can be taken online, placement testing assures that students are enrolled in the appropriate course to ensure success in writing and math studies.

Admission into a health program requires a completed application for the specific program to which the student is applying, and documented completion of the program specific prerequisite courses. For program specific admission requirements and grade point average (GPA) expectations, please refer to the individual program descriptions or contact the specific HP Program Director.

Students must submit a separate application to each HP program they desire admission to. If a student is accepted to multiple programs, the student can only accept admission to one HP program and must decline admission to the other program(s). Deadlines for applications are April 1 and October 1.

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All health professions programs at the Missoula College-UM subscribe to the following standards and limitations with regards to specific program prerequisite courses:

Anatomy and Physiology I & II courseworkwhether completed at the Missoula College or transferred from elsewhere, must have been completed within the 5 years immediately preceding application to any specific health professions program.

Mathematics and Writing prerequisite coursework should have been completed no more than 10 years prior to application to any specific health professions program. If mathematics and writing prerequisite coursework is greater than 10 years old, the student should take the writing and mathematics placement exams administered by the college (e-write and ALEX respectively). If the student places into a comparable level to the specific course in question then that course shall be accepted as a valid prerequisite for the intended program. If the student places below the required standard then they shall remediate as needed prior to application to any specific health professions program