Clinical Medical Assisting


The Clinical Medical Assistant program is a certificate designed to prepare the student for an entry-level position in medical assisting that will prepare them for a Certified Clinical Medical Assisting credential. Students can continue their education and complete the AAS in Medical Assisting, making them eligible for the Registered Medical Assisting credential upon graduation. This program offers multiple registration options. For more information, see below.

 Upon completion of the program, students will learn:

  • To assist with medical examinations, vital signs, administering medications and injections (under supervision), sterilizing instruments, and electrocardiography.
  • Laboratory skills will include venipuncture (under supervision) and performing selected CLIA-waived laboratory tests.
  • Become acquainted with the laws and regulations governing medicine in the ambulatory setting and ethical issues being confronted in the healthcare arena.
  • Perform computer-based tasks such as electronic health records and scheduling
  • Effectively communicate with providers and patients
  • Triage messages between patients and physicians


Classes for Program
AHMS 144: Medical Terminology.    3
BIOH 104/105 or BIOH 112 or BIOH 113    4
AHMS 220: Medical Office Procedures    4
AHMS 156: Medical Billing Fundamentals.    3
AHMA 201: Clinical Procedures I    4
AHMA 198: Medical Assisting Externship    5
AHMA 180: CCMA Exam Prep    1
Total  24