Health Coaching

We offer free health coaching for all Montana public health and health care employees.

The health coaching program is centered on helping clients with overall health and well-being goals, with a goal to achieve lasting behavior change. Our expert coaches are skilled in helping individuals with lifestyle changes in the areas of: stress management, time management, sleep, exercise, healthy eating, meditation, and more.

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Please make sure that you have a location that is confidential and comfortable for coaching sessions. If none of the available fit your schedule, please email our wellness coordinator, Lydia Czech at

Participant Quotes

“Health Coaching helped me recognize that I deserve to care for myself throughout my workday, and that perspective shift changed how I think about my needs. Now, if I need to hydrate or use the facilities, I don’t delay, and I feel better throughout my day.”

"I didn't know what to expect from health coaching, but Lydia listened to my hopes and concerns and helped me set attainable health goals. She's like having a cheerleader in your corner who's got your back, but never shames you if you aren't able to meet your goal. Rather, she helps you reassess and find something that does work and then reinforces how amazing you are and that you deserve to make time for your own health! I was amazed at how much she helped me accomplish in such a short period of time, and while I haven't seen her in a couple of months, I'm still sticking to the health goals we set together!"

“When I rambled something and she reframed it in a positive way that made it feel like my feelings were valid and my goals were attainable!”