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Lydia Czech

Lydia Czech is the Director of the Public Health Worksite Wellness Program. She received her bachelor's in Health and Human Performance, with a focus in Community Health. She has her certificate in Health Behavior Coaching and she is passionate about helping people find their path to sustainable lifestyle choices that improve long term health outcomes. She also provides guided sound meditations that help people relax in the moment and practice developing mindful self-awareness. She is honored to have the opportunity to support the wellness needs of our hard-working public health professionals.  

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(406) 686-1118 
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Jen Racicot

Jen Racicot has been in the helping professions for over 20 years. Jen has worked with ages 3-70 in teaching, coaching and facilitating workshops locally and internationally. As a therapist, Jen specializes in strength-based counseling along with special training in trauma, dream-work, mindfulness and art-processing. She works with individuals to help them gain a better understanding of their habits and build on that self-awareness to create a path to better health. Jen approaches counseling work with compassion, creativity and meaningful connection. She believes her most important role is to be a collaborator. 

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