Bachelor of Arts Specialization in Applied Studies

Curriculum C-2

General Education Additional Requirements

  • Group I: English Writing Skills - WRIT 101
  • Group II: Mathmatics - M course 100 or above
  • Group IIIb: Exemption from Modern and Classical Language Requirement - Symbolic SystemsMUSI 105, 106, 140, 141.
  • Group IV: Expressive Arts - Courses (min. 3 credits) Ensembles and Sec. Lessons taken each semester satisfies this requirment.
  • Group V: Literary and Artistic Studies - L Courses (min 3 credits) MUSI 202L taken in 1st year satisfies this requirment.
  • Group VI and Group IX: Historical and Cultural Studies and American and European Perspectives - H/Y Courses (min. 3 credits) MUSI 301 and MUSI 302.
  • Group VII: Social Science (min. 3 credit).
  • Group VIII: Ethical and Human Values (min 3 credits).
  • Group X: Indigenous and Global Perspectives (min. 3 credits).
  • Group XI: Natural Science (for this perspective, 6 credits required and at least one course MUST include a lab experience).

Additional Music Department Requirements Include

  • Lower - Division Writing Expectation MUSI 302
  • Upper - Division Writing Expectation (MUSI 415,416,417)
  • Upper - Division Writing Assessment
***51 Credits of non-Music major courses (36 credits MUST be in the College of Arts & Sciences)
***51 Credits in Music
MUST have two semesters in a foreign language.

100 Recital Credits - Must total 100 upon completion (MUSI 388)
Upper Divisional Recital Program (MUSI 296), All degrees require 39 upper division credits.