Voice Studio Placement

VOICE AUDITIONS: For placement in a vocal studio for applied lessons.
**Please read all of this carefully.**

Students who want to register for an individual voice lesson* must audition for the voice area faculty. If you have already auditioned and been notified of acceptance into the voice area for the School of Music, you do not have to audition again.

Please contact 
Dr. David Cody
with any questions.


You must be ready with the following audition material

  • B.A., B.M.E., and B.M. voice: Prepare two classical songs by memory. At least one must be in a language other than English.
  • B.F.A. option in Musical Theater: Prepare two memorized contrasting selections (32-bar cuts) from musical theater repertoire.
  • We will provide an accompanist, though you may bring your own if you wish.
  • Bring music for the pianist – make sure it’s in the key that you wish to sing in.
  • Please bring a book, or at least have your pages hole-punched and in a notebook (so there aren’t loose pages flying around).

* Students interested in non-major/elective voice lessons do not have to sing in a foreign language.  Songs also do not have to be classical in style.

Who Should Audition:

  • Students interested in individual voice lessons
  • Students who plan to major in music (BM, BME, BA, etc.) with voice as the principal instrument
  • Students who plan to pursue the BFA with an option in Musical Theater
  • Students who are interested in minoring in music with voice as the principal instrument
  • Students from other majors interested in elective voice lessons (not BME secondary, see below)
  • Students who are prepared with memorized songs

Who Should Not Audition:

  • Students who have already auditioned and been notified of acceptance into the voice area for the School of Music. You do not have to audition again.
  • Students who are interested in Singing for Non-Majors (MUSI 111A).
  • BME students interested in Voice (MUSI 102) as a secondary instrument. If you have already taken Vocal Techniques (MUSE 123), you do not need to audition to request voice lessons. Simply contact Dr. Cody and we will place you as studio space allows.
  • Students who are not prepared with memorized songs.
  • If you do not have the required material prepared on the audition day, do not audition. Register for Singing for Non-Majors (MUSI 111A) instead. This will allow you to prepare audition selections by the end of the semester. Please contact Prof. Basinski to inform the voice area that this is your plan.

Other Requirements:

All students enrolled in voice lessons are required to enroll in a vocal ensemble.  This is a departmental requirement.  For more information about Choral placement, contact Dr. Coreen Duffy. For UM Cabaret, contact Dr. David Cody (david.cody@umontana.edu). For UM Opera Theater, contact Prof. Anne Basinski (anne.basinski@umontana.edu).

Audition Dates/Times:

For Fall 2019, auditions will be held on the following date: (Sign up on the Voice Area bulletin board across from the Music Office.)

  • Friday, August 23, 2019         10:00am - 12:00pm (Room 218)


  • Meeting the Voice Area faculty members
  • Performing your 2 memorized selections with piano (pianist provided)
  • Feel free to ask questions about the program

Please be punctual, professional and prepared for your auditions.  The Voice Area faculty members look forward to meeting each of you and hearing you sing!