Progress Reports and Ad-Hoc Reporting

Ad Hoc Reporting

All instructional faculty teaching undergraduate courses at UM should be advised that it is possible to submit feedback on students' academic performance at any time during a semester through ad hoc reporting. 

Instructions for faculty on providing feedback on students through Navigate

Overview of alert reasons, general intervention approaches, and student email templates

Benefits of an Early Alert Program

Spring 2022 Progress Report Schedule

Progress Reports serve as an efficient and coordinated mechanism for faculty to submit feedback on students’ performance in courses. Progress Reports are deployed throughout each semester at times which strategically align with dates that can have substantial financial or academic impact on a student who is either not attending a course or is at risk of failing. Please see the table below for Progress Report deployment dates for the current semester.

Spring 2022 Progress Report Schedule
Week of Instruction Primary Focus of Progress Report Deployment Dates
Week 2 Attendance prior to 15th class day. The 15th class day is the last day a student can drop individual courses with a refund or to withdraw (drop all courses) from the semester with a partial refund.

1/24 (10am) – 2/6 (11:59pm)

15th class day is 2/7

Week 5 Early academic progress. For courses with assignments within the first five weeks of the semester, the Week 5 Progress Survey is an opportunity to give students feedback on early performance in a course. 2/14 (10am) – 2/27 (11:59pm)
Week 8 Academic progress prior to 45th class day. The 45th class day is the last day a student can drop individual courses with a 'W' on the transcript.

3/7 (10am) – 3/20 (11:59pm)

Last day to drop classes with “W” is 3/29

Week 12 Academic progress prior to final course drop/change deadline. The last Progress Report before a student can withdraw from the semester (drop all courses) with a 'WP' or 'WF' on the transcript and no refund.

4/11 (10am) – 4/24 (11:59pm)

Last day to drop classes with “WP” or “WF” is 5/6