UM Navigate News & Announcements

Navigate should not be used as a reporting tool. The data is intended to inform operations but should not be used in lieu of other formal reports vetted by the UM Data Office.

(April 5, 2022 update) Navigate Release 27.2.7


  • User Preferences: Users can now set key information tailored to their liking. Using the button at the top right you can now select which home page you want to open up (staff, professor, etc). As well you can now set a default term you would like when login into Navigate.


  • Appointment Campaigns: Appointment Campaigns will not show up in the wrong care units.
  • Appointment Summaries: Students can download attachments without hassle. .PPTX files can now be downloaded and opened with.
  • Attendance: Fixed an issue where some user were unable to export course attendance.
  • Cases: Fixed an issue where users cannot move from page 1. As well, fixed an issue on the "my students" page where cases page was not bringing in direct relationships between students and staff.
  • Enrollment Campaigns: Fixed an issue where student recipients of an enrollment campaign did not match the verified number of students. Fixed the issue of adding more than 100 students too an enrollment campaign 
  • Reports: Reports will no longer take 12-24 hours.
  • Student Scheduling: Students now cannot open more slots when clicking "Cancel Appointment". When appointments are made for the student is does not count towards the students total number of appointments allowed in one day. Uncustomized language is now not showing up in the drop-in student scheduling workflow.

For more information on strategic release notes and EAB navigate help. Click Here.

(February 14, 2021 update) Navigate Release 21.2.4

Enhanced – General

  1. New UI and look to Navigate. Functionality should not change.
  2. Alerts: Email student directly from an at-risk email triggered by a fellow staff user or triggered by a progress report.


  1. Safari users experiencing delay when filling out appointment summaries.
  2. My assigned students would not load properly.

(January 12, 2021 update) Navigate Release 21.2.2


Navigate General:

  1. Nudges are now being used in Enrollment Campaigns. Nudges will replace compose message. Similar to the compose message you can create a message that will be sent out via email on the morning of your enrollment campaign.

Appointment Center:

  1. User can select multiple drop-in students in the appointment center. There are three new actions that a user can do.
    1. Remove: Deletes all selected visits from the queue
    2. Check out: checks out all selected visits
    3. Send message will open a message modal that will allow the user to send a message to all selected students.


  1. SMS messaging to students about appointments will now include appointment type they signed up for.

Student Schedular:

  1. Drop-in times now appear chronologically.


  1. Staff users unable to mass print students calendars.
  2. Meeting types displayed in the appointment center were not filtering correctly.
  3. Progress reports will load properly now.

(December 13, 2021 update) Navigate Release 21.1.13


  1. Users can now save Report searches much like advanced searches. Users no longer have to build reports every time they want to run one.
  2. Staff Dashboard
    1. Three new tiles; My upcoming appointments, My enrolled students, My enrollment campaigns.


  1. Staff users could not load the staff home/staff profile page for staff users who are also students.
  2. Improved efficiency of staff scheduling.

(December 4, 2021 update) Navigate Release 21.2

  1. Global Filter has been removed and replaced with a local term filter.
    1. Add/edit Course selection now has a term filter to select from.
    2. Advanced Search now has term selection.
    3. Appointment Center now has term selection to look more like student scheduler.
    4. Enrollment Census now filter by local term.
    5. Professors home page now have a Local term filter tab under “professor home”.
    6. Progress Report Campaigns now have local term filter.
  2. A student success team will now only show current term advisor.

(November 24, 2021 update) 


  1. Advance search has changed from and “Elastic Search” to an SQL based advanced search. Users should not notice the change and if any problems do arise contact your Systems Admin.
  1. Navigate Central Authentication (NCA): Navigate will moving from Legacy SSO Shibboleth. Increasing stability and security. Staff will no longer have to be logged into Navigate to view help center articles.


  1. Fixed an issue where area of study could not be added to advanced search.
  2. Fixed an issue where advanced search assigned to field was not applying when users clicked search to fast.
  3. Fixed an issue where alerts could not be saved or edited by a staff user when editing a deleted user.
  4. Fixed an issue where Navigate was showing open group appointments for other services in different campaigns.
  5. Attendance report now matches student profiles displaying attendance.
  6. Progress reports will now close properly at their end date and faculty cannot submit after the deadline.
  7. Reports will now be stored for seven days instead of 30.
  8. Dropped Courses will now

(November 3, 2021 update)

  1. Appointment center will not show past appointments now in the appointment scheduling center.
  2. Progress reports have been fixed so they will not get stuck in the build phase and not be able to be deleted or edited.
  3. Fixed reminders where people who can only view student profiles can see reminders now as well.

(June 28, 2021 update) Navigate Platform Help Menu Release

The Help Menu in Navigate's staff platform has changed its look and feel. Please spend some time with the new changes and submit any questions to

(June 25, 2021 update) Collection of Advising Resources

A link called “Collection of Advising Resources” has been added to the “Links” tile within Navigate. This link takes a user to the “Useful Websites” page within the OSS site. If there are items missing from this page that you think would be appropriate for inclusion, please email your suggestion to

(June 7, 2021 update) Checked-In Appointments Drop Out of Upcoming Appointment Display

If a student uses the Check-In feature for a scheduled Appointment, it will cause that Appointment to drop out of the display under the advisor's "Appointments" tab > "Upcoming Appointments" section. The Appointment will still display in the advisor's Calendar and on the right-hand "Upcoming Appointments" tile.

Note: The above behavior is by design, but might catch users by surprise. 

(May 15, 2021 update) EAB Production and Test Environment Search Issues - Resolved

The previous announcement regarding an issue with EAB's Production and Test Environment Search Issues has been resolved. Please contact the OSS Tech Team if you experience any further issues with Navigate. 

(May 20, 2021 update) EAB Emailing and Texting Students

Students cannot be emailed and texted at the same time. The only time you would have someone receive an email if a text message is sent is if they did not have a cell phone number available on their account or they were set to not be sent text messages. The system will then reroute the message as an email.

Sending a message in one format does not disable the other. You could always send the message twice, once as a text and one as an email if you want to make sure it goes to both no matter what.

(May 13, 2021 update) EAB Production and Test Environment Search Issues

The "search" function may not be working at all, may be very delayed, or will not produce the results you are looking for. Please check back on this page for updates. 

EAB has been notified of this set of issues and it has been escalated to their engineers. More info will be provided when it is available.

(April 14, 2021 update) EAB Issue - Resolved

The previous announcement regarding an issue with EAB's Navigate reports has been resolved. Please contact the OSS Tech Team if you experience any further issues with Navigate. 

(March 21, 2021 update) EAB Report on Appointment Issue

When clicking Report on Appointment and selecting a Care Unit, users cannot type in location as they used to be able to do. This leads to cumbersome scrolling through the list to find the location. For the Service field, searching will find the category, but users have to click away from the field to select it. This also leaves the search information in the field. 

There is no ability to use the scroll bar in the Service field, however, it will work with a mouse scroll. Clicking a header under the Service field results in the options clearing, and there is no way to get them back conveniently. Searching also will not work.

Meeting type will also allow for multiple selections instead of being one choice. 

EAB has been notified of this set of issues and it has been escalated to their engineers. More info will be provided when it is available.

(March 11, 2021 update) EAB Issue - Resolved

The previous announcement regarding an issue with EAB's Navigate reports has been resolved. Please contact the OSS Tech Team if you experience any further issues with Navigate. 

(March 11, 2021 update) EAB Issue 

Navigate reports are not working as of 9:00 am. EAB is continuing to investigate.

(March 2, 2021 update) EAB Issue - Resolved

The previous announcement regarding an issue with EAB's DNS provider has been resolved. Please contact the OSS Tech Team if you experience any further issues with Navigate. 

(March 2, 2021 update) EAB Issue

EAB is reporting an issue with their DNS provider this morning that is causing site access issues. These are affecting geographical regions differently, and as of 11:30am the issue has been resolved in one region and they are incorporating the fix into other affected areas. This issue may cause your experience today to be laggy and you might not be able to access Navigate at all until the mitigation is in place for our region. An update will be provided here when there is new information to report. Thank you for your patience. 

(February 9, 2021 update) Navigate Cases Tutorial Video

Please contact the OSS Tech Team if the tutorial video does not work. 

(February 8, 2021 update) Users Unable to Login to Navigate - Resolved

EAB engineers have modified the user definition and it appears the "inactive user" issue reported on February 3, 2021 has been resolved. As always, please notify us of any issues you may observe. 

(February 4, 2021 update) Users Unable to Login to Navigate

We are aware of an issue where some users are not able to login to Navigate due to their user status being set to inactive. A ticket for this issue has been submitted to the vendor. In the meantime, we can manually resolve the issue for any user who wants to notify us specifically. Please contact the OSS Tech Team if you continue to experience issues. 

(February 1, 2021 update) Technical Issues with Navigate Reports - Resolved

As of 4:05 pm, the Technical Issues with Navigate have been resolved. Please contact the OSS Tech Team if you continue to experience issues. 

(February 1, 2021 update) Technical Issues with Navigate Reports

Navigate Reports are experiencing a technical difficulty today. The issue has been reported to the Navigate vendor for further troubleshooting. Check back here for status updates. Thank you to the users who reported this issue.

(December 15, 2020 update) Training Site for Navigate

The training site for Navigate has been refreshed for updated training purposes. 

(December 7, 2020 update) Student View - Seeing appointments from the past

When viewing a student and proceeding to select the "History" tab, the student's history should be displayed near the bottom of the page to view appointment summaries/reports. You may have to change the semester view at the top-right to reflect the semester you want to search for. 

 Semester Change

Messages sent from Navigate have the email address domain ""

Please keep this in mind so these messages do not become categorized as spam. To view these messages in Navigate, login here, and select "Conversations" from the left menu bar. 

Advisors: Do you have a student appointment scheduled on an upcoming holiday? Do you want to move (or remove) it?

You can see all your appointments – including any that are on the upcoming holiday-- on the “Upcoming Appointments” tab on your home page. You can select the checkbox in front of a student’s name, then click the Actions menu and choose “Cancel Appointment”. You’ll be prompted to include a little note and select a cancellation reason. Probably best to choose “Cancel entire appointment”, and then choose the “Staff Request” option. Alternately, you can open the Appointment Center (by clicking on the teeny tiny “Additional Modes” link in the bottom right of the Navigate page). This would allow you to select a different time on your calendar to move the appointment to. Your call in terms of which way to get rid of the holiday appointment. Don’t forget to block off the holiday hours on your Outlook calendar so that no additional appointments can be scheduled. EAB recommends blocking out specific hours rather than using the “all day appointment” option in Outlook.

Minutes from July 8th, 2020 Meeting

Outlook tips:

  • When you put something tentative in your Outlook calendar, it blocks any of the available appointment times. 
  • Recurring appointments in Outlook with no end date have the potential to cause problems syncing with Navigate. Please ensure you put an end date on any recurring appointment in Outlook. 
  • Be sure to block off travel time for any appointments so that a student can't sign up for the 30 minutes prior to something like a dentist appointment. 
  • If you need assistance un-syncing your Outlook calendar with both Starfish and Navigate or restricting student appointments to be set up at least 24 hours in advance, view the recorded Zoom meeting on the Advisor or Instructor page. 
  • O365 and Outlook are one and the same. 
  • Make sure you are using the correct email address (@umontana, @mso.umt, @umt)
  • Appointments that are "tentative" will not show as available in Navigate. (This will be tested to be certain, in addition to confirming how "working elsewhere" will affect Navigate)

July 17th, 2020 is the cutoff for Starfish notes.

  • Please create notes in Navigate instead. You don't have to have a formal appointment created in Navigate to do the appointment summary. 

Meeting Instructions for how to create a prospect.

  • Users should not put in fake place holders because the 5 required fields will be needed for matching/merging later.
  • Most users will have the permission to edit a prospect, so please create it correctly on the first attempt. 

List the appointment reminder communication schedule. 

  • Confirmation message at the time the appointment is created. 
  • A reminder one day in advance of appointment.
  • A text 30 minutes in advance of appointment. 

Use Zoom waiting room feature. 

  • This will quickly accommodate back to back student appointments. 

  • Include the URL in the appointment confirmation (in URL/Phone field).

Naming convention.

  • Will be supplied for Campaigns and for Appointment Notes.
    • Especially in regard to how we identify a "semester"

Announcements section.

  • Will include any newly-created categories. 
    • May also include any newly-requested categories (such as logic that has been submitted to EAB).

Language references.

  • Any language referencing "watch list" will be referred to as "student list" in Navigate. 

Appointment center kiosk.

  • Located on the bottom-right. 
  • Information of the usefulness of this will be supplied soon. 

Message from Brian French

Dear colleagues,
I write to share important information on planning for the transition from Starfish to EAB Navigate this summer. The goal is for all professional advisors and others who use Starfish to transition to Navigate as soon as possible after 7/6, but by 8/3 at the latest.
Navigate is fully operational and ready to use. The attached Quick Start guide provides information on how to login to the platform, set up availability for appointment scheduling, and sync Navigate and Outlook calendars.
The UM Navigate draft website has been completed and is available for viewing at Lots of self-service resources are available on the site and we will continue to add content and guidance over the summer. Hopefully this helps with everyone’s transition over the next several weeks. Please note that the Advisor Training Guide on the website will be revised with more up-to-date content ASAP; this resource provides a broad overview of some key Navigate functionality for users to review.
Advisor training/demo sessions in Zoom will be scheduled for Wednesday, 7/8, from 10am-11:30am and for Thursday, 7/16, from 11am-12:30pm and throughout the summer as needed. I will send Zoom information for these sessions via the listserv soon.
We will also send information on Early Alert planning as soon as we finalize the Early Alert schedule to align with the revised academic calendar for fall and will update deans, chairs, and instructional faculty accordingly.
Lots more information will be distributed over the summer, but hopefully this helps to get everyone started with the transition from Starfish to Navigate.
Thank you,

  •  Summary of plans for advisors to transition from Starfish to Navigate: 

    • Phase I (now until 7/6) - this is basically a time for users to login to Navigate, familiarize themselves with the platform, set up availability, and practice navigation and other functionality. Advisors and other users can schedule appointments for students in Navigate and enter appointment documentation/notes during this period (see Appointment Summary Report information in the Advisor Training Guide for information on documenting appointments in Navigate).

    • Phase II (July 6th through the end of July) - All users are strongly encouraged to transition to Navigate as soon as possible after 7/6 for appointment scheduling and documentation, and to terminate use of Starfish, including un-syncing Outlook and Starfish calendars and syncing Navigate and Outlook calendars (Outlook calendars cannot be synced with Starfish and Navigate at the same time). Appointment campaigns to invite students to schedule appointments can also begin at this time. Once users sync Navigate and Outlook calendars, Outlook signatures, website content and/or scheduling buttons, and other appointment scheduling features should be updated accordingly.

      • Initial promotional message to continuing students will go out mid-July emphasizing that Starfish is going away and highlighting key features of Navigate.

  • Phase III (August and beyond) - Navigate mobile app available for student download on 8/3 and promotional messages to new and continuing students deploy (separate messages; content of continuing student messages continues to emphasize that Starfish is going away). Navigate will also be promoted during New Student Orientation. Appointment scheduling campaigns are more widely deployed by users and and we open full student self-service appointment scheduling functionality on 8/3.
Final deadline for all users to transition from Starfish to Navigate is 8/3. Starfish decommissioned on 8/3.