Missoula College Parking

Missoula College has moved to its new home on Broadway.  Parking at the new location will be integrated with Mountain campus parking.  E-Permits will be valid at both facilities and regulated by the UM Police Department.  Like Mountain campus, the Missoula College parking lot will have 20 minute free Quick Stop parking, designated Service and DeliveryReserve parking and the remainder of the lot is designated Multi-Pay area.   Multi-pay area parking require the use of one of the following to be in compliance with regulations.  

In August UMPD is launching a new virtual parking permit system.  The new license plate recognition technology will be replacing physical parking permits at UM.

The innovative technology will simplify the parking permit process.  Customers will no longer need hangtags or window permits.  Customers will purchase parking through our parking portal Your license plate will become your permit to park.  Accurate license plate information is vital.  Virtual permits work similar to supermarket scanners with the license plate working as the barcode.  When your license is read, the numbers are referenced against the parking database to verify valid parking for the location. 

  • A regular student or staff permit.  Order you parking at  parking portal 
  • A temporary parking card purchased by either a single day or 5 day card.  Temporary parking cards can be purchased at the Cashiers office or several sites on Mountain campus
  • Pay by the hour parking.  Hourly pay parking machine is located at the front of the building.   Parking is purchased in hour increments with cash or credit card at the machine.  The hourly parking works by license plate recognition also so accurate plate information is essential. A new feature for this machine is pay by phone if you enter your phone number to receive a text if you are longer than expected.  
  •  Motorcycles must be parked in motorcycle designated area only and have registered for a motorcycle e-permit.  All Missoula College parking will be designated No Parking from 2 am to 5 am.  Monday through Friday.  All safety and parking regulations are enforced in accordance with mountain campus regulations.

For question please call UM Police at 406-243-6132.

VISITORS must purchase pay by the hour or temporary parking card.