Your Personal Safety at UM

Safety at the University of Montana

The University of Montana is dedicated to the safety of everyone on our campuses. UMPD officers cannot be everywhere, so we depend on the community to be our eyes and ears.  It is vital that you trust your instincts and report anything that does not seem right.


GrizWalk is a service provided by the UM Police Department's GrizWalk Security Team. Student teams provide safe walking or driving escorts anytime between dusk and dawn.

If GrizWalk is unavailable, a UM Police Officer will provide the same service.

From on-campus: 2777

From off-campus: 243-2777

The main UM campus has 17 emergency telephones.

  • Pressing the call button on any of the emergency phones puts you in immediate contact with UM police and indicates your exact location.
  • The phones glow green at night, and police encourage their use in any emergency.
  • Additional phones not shown on the map are located at Missoula College East & West campuses; one each at Sisson, Craighead, and Toole Villages; Lewis & Clark Village; and at South Dornblaser Park-N-Ride.

UM Alerts is a notification system to inform visitors and members of the campus community of immediate threats to their safety and health so they may take efforts to protect themselves.  

In any given situation, the University may issue three different types of alerts:

  • Emergency Notification: A notification sent by UM when a significant emergency or a situation poses an imminent or immediate danger to the community.
  • Timely Warning: A notification that is sent in response to Clery crimes that pose a serious or continuing threat to students or employees.
  • UM Alert: A notification of non-Clery reportable activity occurring on campus or non-campus property.

To subscribe by text:  Text Join UM-alerts to 31002 

To unsubscribe by text:  Text Leave UM-alerts to 31002

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Additional Safety Resources