Teaching Assistantships

Many students teach after graduation, and wish to gain experience while in school. We offer several levels of Teaching Assistantships for such students which are competitively awarded each spring semester. Graduates recieve training before entering the classroom, including a pedagogy class, and montoring by a professor.  

FlynnGraduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA)  These awards provide a stipend of $4,500 per semester, and a tuition waiver for twelve credits for in-state or out-of-state students. Teaching assistants are generally assigned two undergraduate classes each semester, or one class and ten hours of service per week to the School. Teaching and service assignments are at the discretion of the Director.  The School currently offers four GTAs per semester.

Graduate Assistantships (GA) serve as assistants in lecture classes, including Art of World Civilization and Art Appreciation. These assistants receive $1,000 per semester, no tuition waiver.

Graduate Instructor (GI) is similar to an adjunct instructor.  There is no tuition waiver associated with this position, but students receive from $1500 to $2000 per semester, depending on experience.

Conditions of Assistantships

Graduate students take Pedagogy (ARTZ 506) before being considered for a teaching assistant award. Incoming graduate students will be considered for a teaching assistant award, but will be required to complete ARTZ 506 concurrent with their teaching assignment. 

Interested graduate students must complete the TA application.  Considerations include curricular needs of the School, experience and preparedness to teach at the college level, and student's creative research development.

The TA awards are made with full consent of the school of art faculty. Specific course assignments are made by the Director. 

TA Application Form