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March 23, 2018

UPDATE: UM Police are still searching for a vial containing potassium cyanide that was removed from a University research laboratory (see March 7 alert). The material is a white powder, occupying less than half the volume of a clear glass vial with a white lid. If you come across a vial that looks similar to the one in this photo, please contact 911 immediately. Do not handle the vial.

clear glass vial one inch in diameter with white lid containing a white powder

March 14, 2018

University officials have received a report of a student assault which occurred today in the Eck (Liberal Arts) building. A male student was assaulted by an unknown male in what appears to be hate/bias violence. The incident occurred in the men’s restroom across from room 102 on the main level. UMPD is aware of this report.

Members of our campus community should be aware of this incident and the fact that the assailant is unknown at this time. Anyone with information is asked to contact UMPD at 243-6131. Information can be submitted confidentially and/or anonymously.

March 7, 2018

The Missoula Police Department and the University of Montana Police Department are investigating the report of a small amount of a toxic substance (potassium cyanide) removed from a university research laboratory.

The material is a white powder, occupying less than half the volume of a clear glass vial with a white lid.  It was possibly discarded in the area somewhere within the confines of Orange Street to Hickory and Cregg Lane to S. 6th Street W.

At this time it is not certain if the vial was discarded, but if it was, it could be in this area.  Officers have checked the area but did not locate the vial.

As a precaution, law enforcement wants to alert residents and those who may be in the area. If located, contact 911 immediately and do not handle it.

This is an ongoing joint investigation by the Missoula and UM Police Departments; additional information will be shared as it becomes available.