Writing Center Staff


Kelly Webster

M.A. in Literature, The University of California, Santa Cruz.  Teaching Fellow and Lecturer, UCSC Writing Program 1999-2003;  Composition Department, Cabrillo College 2002-2003; Co-director of The Writing Center, Chemeketa Community College 2004-2008; English Department Faculty, Chemeketa Community College 2003-2008; UM Writing Center Director and Tutor 2008-present. 


Associate Directors

Jake Hansen

M.A. in Teaching English, The University of Montana.  High School English Instructor 2003-2005; Institute Fellow, Montana Writing Project 2006; UM Writing Center Tutor 2006-present; UM Writing Center Associate Director 2009-present.


Gretchen McCaffrey

Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, The University of Oregon.  Lecturer and Research Professional in cell biololgy 1987-2005; UM Writing Center Tutor 2005-present; UM Writing Center Associate Director 2008-present.



Cohen Ambrose

Graduate Student, M.F.A. in Theatre Directing and M.A. in Theatre Studies, The University of Montana. Therapeutic Aide, Community Counseling and Mediation 2008-2009; Teacher, The Orangery English School, Czech Republic 2009-2019; Teacher, Lakeside Montessori 2010-2011; Bertha Morton Scholar 2011; Wing Scholar 2011 & 2014; UM Graduate Student Research Conference Organizing Committee 2014; UM Teaching Assistant 2011-present; UM Writing Center Tutor 2014-present.

Ari Asercion

Graduate Student,  M.F.A. in Creative Writing/Fiction, The University of Montana. Gallery Assistant and Web Editor, National Institute of Art and Disabilities 2008; Creative Writing Publicity and Outreach Coordinator, UC Santa Cruz 2010-2011; Graphic Designer, National Novel Writing Month 2011; Copy Editor, Yaoifix 2011-2012; Blog Editor, Hyphen Magazine 2014-present; UM Writing Center Tutor, 2014-present.

Tom Bateridge

M.S. in Geology (Hydrology Emphasis), The University of Montana.  M.S. in Soil Science, Montana State University.  Diploma de Estudios Hispanicos, Universidad de Granada, Spain.  High School Earth Science Teacher 1969-1972.  Hydrologist and Water Resources Consultant 1978-2007.  Spanish Tutor 1994-1998.  UM Writing Center Tutor 2003-Present.

Alicia Bones

M.A. in English—American Cultural Studies, University of Iowa. Writing Tutor, North Seattle Community College, 2014. Writing Fellow, Frank Business Communications Center, University of Iowa, 2012-2013. English Teacher, Shandong Institute of Business and Technology, China, 2012. UM Writing Center Tutor 2014-present.

Brianna Ewert

M.S. in Environmental Studies, The University of Montana.  Elementary and Middle School Instructor; UM Teaching Assistant 2009-2010; Adjunct Faculty, Environmental Studies 2014 - 2015; Assistant Editor, Society and Natural Resources 2013 - 2015; UM Writing Center Tutor 2011-present.

Jana Hood

M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and M.A. in Language and Literature, Columbia University Teachers College. Director, English Language Institute at The University of Montana 2004-2011. Lecturer, English Department, Charles University in Prague 1999-2004. Director, Center for Languages, Anglo-American College, Prague 1998-1999. Soros Teaching Fellow and Fulbright Lecturer, English Department at The University of Western Bohemia 1996-1998. Teacher, Missoula County Public School District 1973-1996. Teaching Fellow, Harvard Summer School 1992. UM Writing Center Tutor 2011-present.

Max Kaisler

MFA Candidate in Creative Writing, University of Montana. Private Latin tutor, 2010-2011. Tutor, Holyoke Community College Adult Learning Center, 2008-2010. Editor of Circus literary magazine, 2008-2010. UM Writing Center Tutor 2014-present.

Robert Lee

M.F.A. in Creative Writing/Poetry, The University of Montana.  U.S. Postal Service 1972-2002; Angler Education Program 2000-2002; Missoula Writing Collaborative Teacher 2006-present; Resident Writing Teacher, Hydaburg, Alaska 2008-present; UM Writing Center Tutor 2009-present.

Lauren Leslie

M.F.A. in Creative Writing, The University of Montana. Adjunct Writing Instructor, The University of Montana 2010-present; Writing Assessment Reader 2012-present; Writing Placement Coordinator 2009; UM Writing Tutor 2013-present.

Demetra Perros

M.F.A. in Creative Writing/Nonfiction, Emerson College; ESL Tutor, Tokyo International University of America 2007-2010; Undergraduate Composition Instructor, Southeast Missouri State University 2010; TESOL Certificate, TEFL International. Writing Consultant, Emerson College 2011-2013; Writing/Reading Instructor, EF International Language School 2012; ESL Instructor, TEFL International, Corinth, Greece, 2010; UM Writing Center Tutor 2014-present.

Philip Schaefer

MFA in Creative Writing, University of Montana. Writing Instructor, University of Montana, 2012-2014. Communications Lab Supervisor, Truman State University, 2007-2008.

Emily Withnall

M.S. Candidate in Environmental Studies, University of Montana. Writer and Social Media Manager, The Peñasco Theatre Collective, 2013. Communications Coordinator, United World College, 2010-2013. Instructor, Luna Community College, 2008. UM Writing Center Tutor 2014-present.

Nathalie Wolfram

Ph.D. in English, Yale University. Teaching Fellow, Yale University 2009-2011; Writing Tutor, Yale University Writing Center 2009-2011; Teaching Assistant, The Fulbright Commission 2006-2007; UM Writing Center Tutor 2012-present.