Writing Center Staff


Kelly Webster

M.A. in Literature, The University of California, Santa Cruz.  Teaching Fellow and Lecturer, UCSC Writing Program 1999-2003;  Composition Department, Cabrillo College 2002-2003; Co-director of The Writing Center, Chemeketa Community College 2004-2008; English Department Faculty, Chemeketa Community College 2003-2008; UM Writing Center Director and Tutor 2008-present. 


Associate Directors

Jake Hansen

M.A. in Teaching English, The University of Montana.  High School English Instructor 2003-2005; Institute Fellow, Montana Writing Project 2006; UM Writing Center Tutor 2006-present; UM Writing Center Associate Director 2009-present.


Gretchen McCaffrey

Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, The University of Oregon.  Lecturer and Research Professional in cell biololgy 1987-2005; UM Writing Center Tutor 2005-present; UM Writing Center Associate Director 2008-present.



Laure Pengelly Drake

M.A. in History, The University of Montana. Language Instructor, Charles University and The University of Montana 1990-1996; Upward Bound Instructor 1998; Executive Director, The Poverello Center 2000-2001; Assistant Director, Montana Campus Compact 2002-2004; Adjunct Instructor in Liberal Studies, The University of Montana 2000-2002; Director of External Scholarships and Advising, Davidson Honors College, 2005-2016; UM Writing Center Coordinator and Tutor 2016-present.



Maggie Angle

M.A. in Education, Harvard University. Teaching Assistant, Writing, Philips Academy 1997; Communication Director and Consultant, Tobacco Use Research Center, University of Pennsylvania and Yale University 2002-2003; Campaign Manager, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 2003-2004; Senior Director of Corporate Relations, American Diabetes Association 2004-2005; Director of Major Gifts, Swedish Health Services 2010-2012; UM Writing Center Tutor 2016-present.

Grace Arenas

M.F.A. Candidate in Creative Writing, The University of Montana. Media Relations Assistant, Washington College 2010-2013; Copy Editor, Washington College Newspaper 2011-2013; Writing Consultant, Washignton College Writing Center 2012-2014; Social Media Writer, Adventure Web Interactive 2015-2015; Writing Instructor, The University of Montana 2015-2017; UM Writing Center Tutor 2016-present.

Tom Bateridge

M.S. in Geology (Hydrology Emphasis), The University of Montana and M.S. in Soil Science, Montana State University. Diploma de Estudios Hispanicos, Universidad de Granada, Spain. High School Earth Science Teacher 1969-1972; Hydrologist and Water Resources Consultant 1978-2007; Spanish Tutor 1994-1998; UM Writing Center Tutor 2003-Present.

Lara Brenner

M.S. Candidate in Wildlife Biology, The University of Montana. Supervisor, Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition 2011-2012; Research Assistant, USGS National Wildlife Health Center 2013; Science Writer/Editor, Baylor College of Medicine 3013-2014; Freelance Writer and Copy Editor 2014-2015; Teaching Assistant, Introductory Biology, University of Montana 2015-present; UM Writing Center Tutor 2016-present.

Sydney Cook

M.S. Candidate in Environmental Studies, The University of Montana. Writing Consultant, Coe College Writing Center 2009-2012; Coe College Academic Achievement Office 2009-2012; Writing Instructor, The University of Montana 2015-present; Tutor, UM Writing Center Tutor 2016-present.

Catherine Filardi

Ph.D., Department of Zoology and Burke Museum, University of Washington. Curatorial Associate, University of Washington Burke Museum 1997-2002; Consultant, Birdlife International 2007; Citizen Science Program Director, Wilderness Institute, UM 2010-2014; Consultant, Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute 2014-present; Board Secretary and Writing Coach, Writing Coaches of Missoula 2014-present; UM Writing Center Tutor 2016-present.

Jana Hood

M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and M.A. in Language and Literature, Columbia University Teachers College. Director, English Language Institute at The University of Montana 2004-2011. Lecturer, English Department, Charles University in Prague 1999-2004. Director, Center for Languages, Anglo-American College, Prague 1998-1999. Soros Teaching Fellow and Fulbright Lecturer, English Department at The University of Western Bohemia 1996-1998. Teacher, Missoula County Public School District 1973-1996. Teaching Fellow, Harvard Summer School 1992. UM Writing Center Tutor 2011-present.

Griffin Johson

B.A. in Cinema and Media Studies, Carelton College. Copy Editor, The Communicator 2009-2010; Founding Editor, Red Beard Press 2009-2010; Editor, Carleton Literary Association Paper 2013-2014; Editor-in-Chief, Manuscript 2010-2014; Educational Associate, Carleton College 2014-2015; Production Assistant, Montana Film Festival 2015; Video Editor, The Roxy Theater 2015-present; Tech Coordinator, The Roxy Theather 2016-present; UM Writing Center Tutor 2016-present.

Robert Lee

M.F.A. in Creative Writing/Poetry, The University of Montana.  U.S. Postal Service 1972-2002; Angler Education Program 2000-2002; Missoula Writing Collaborative Teacher 2006-present; Resident Writing Teacher, Hydaburg, Alaska 2008-present; UM Writing Center Tutor 2009-present.

Lauren Leslie

M.A. Candidate in Counselor Education, The University of Montana. M.F.A. in Creative Writing, The University of Montana. Adjunct Writing Instructor, The University of Montana 2010-present; Writing Assessment Reader 2012-present; Writing Placement Coordinator 2009; UM Writing Tutor 2013-present.

Peter Ore

M.A. in Sociology, The University of Montana. Research Associate, Criminology Research Group, University of Montana 2014-2016; Instructor, Sociology, University of Montana 2016-present; Board Member, Interdisciplinary Collaborative Network, University of Montana 2014-present; Program Assessment Consultant, University of Montana Writing Center 2015-present; UM Writing Center Tutor 2016-present.

Demetra Perros

M.F.A. in Creative Writing/Nonfiction, Emerson College; ESL Tutor, Tokyo International University of America 2007-2010; Undergraduate Composition Instructor, Southeast Missouri State University 2010; TESOL Certificate, TEFL International. Writing Consultant, Emerson College 2011-2013; Writing/Reading Instructor, EF International Language School 2012; ESL Instructor, TEFL International, Corinth, Greece, 2010; UM Writing Center Tutor 2014-present.

Philip Schaefer

MFA in Creative Writing, University of Montana. Writing Instructor, University of Montana, 2012-2014. Communications Lab Supervisor, Truman State University, 2007-2008.

Emily Withnall

M.S. in Environmental Studies, University of Montana. Writer and Social Media Manager, The Peñasco Theatre Collective, 2013. Communications Coordinator, United World College, 2010-2013. Instructor, Luna Community College, 2008. Writing Instructor, The University of Montana 2014; UM Writing Center Tutor 2014-present.

Tutor Assistant

Mathalia Stroethoff

Mathalia Stroethoff has worked at The Writing Center since Fall 2012. She graduated from Big Sky High School in 2013 and is active on the UM Mountain Campus. She has been a member of the Rural Institute Consumer Advisory Council since 2010. Off-campus she has two additional jobs, at Ink Reality Group and Bean & Boutique. In her spare time Mathalia likes to listen to books on tape like Narnia and the Lord of the Rings books and she enjoys the Fiber Arts. She makes pot holders and sells them around town, and she's is learning to knit the yarn she has spun.