Procard Assistance

Before logging in to Procard:

  • Setup Your NetID. See instructions.
  • Close your browser and open only 1 tab to the Procard login page.

Login (You must provide the following):

  • Your UM NetID
  • Your NetID password

Account Manager:

  • The account manager is the Procard coordinator for a department.
  • Receives the original ProCard receipts.
  • Redistributes the charges to proper accounts.
  • Attaches receipts to bank statements.
  • Facilitates authorization of purchases by obtaining Director signature and date of statement.

Business Manager:

  • The business manager position is acts as a back-up or reviewer for the account manager,
    and hold the same privileges as the account manager.

Cardholder ID:

  • The cardholder's UM ID Number

Card Number:

  • na

Procard Cycle:

  • Is established by the bank and entered into Banner to signify a billing cycle.
  • Starts over with the new fiscal year.
  • Are typically the 22nd of the month thru the 21st of the following month.
  • If the cycle number that the charge occurred during is known, enter that cycle number as only the charges for that cycle will display.
  • The interface will present all the charges made during that billing cycle.

Fiscal Year:

  • UM abides by a fiscal year of July 1 through June 30 of the following year.
  • Choose the fiscal year end in which the charge has occurred.

Transaction Type:

  • The term used to request desired information.
  • Current Cycle: A request for current charge information
  • Default: A request for current cycle information that has not been redistributed from the department's default account.
  • Not Fed: Current cycle information that may or may not have been redistributed but has not been fed to the Banner finance system. Redistributions may be complete but not feed until the default feed date, allowing changes until final feed date.
  • Historical: Charges that have fed to the Banner Finance system. Changes to these charges must be completed by journal entry.
  • All Transactions: A listing of all charges for the current cycle and whether they have been fed or not fed. Charges not redistributed are denoted by the description and account number. However if the status is “F” for fed the redistribution will need to be completed by journal entry.

“S” Number:

  • Is assigned to the procard charge once it has been fed to the Banner finance system.
  • You may review only a "S document" that has been fed into the Banner finance system.
  • When you enter the "S number" you will only see information for that document.
  • You will be able to drill down to see additional information on the document.

View Results:

  • The View Results option will show you the information you requested in a report format.
  • You will not be able to do additional manipulation of the information.
  • You will be able to print the report.
  • You are able to send the report via email to others.

    Export to Excel:
  • The Export to Excel option will show you the information you requested in an excel format.
  • You will be able to manipulate the information within the excel limitations.
  • You will be able to save this report to your computer, print the report and e-mail the report.