Suggested Packing List

What should you bring to the US?

Here are some suggestions from international students at UM:

  • Unique gifts or snacks from your country

  • Consider bringing pictures of your family, friends, pets, neighborhood, etc.
    • Sometimes being away from home for months can be quite hard. Having something that reminds you of your home and the people you love can help you feel better during the days when you miss the people you love.  

  • Books or comics from your home country 

  • small laundry nets or laundry bag
  • You are welcome to bring traditional clothing or other items from your country.
    • There are campus events during the year where you will be able to teach others about your country and culture. 
  • Medicine and prescriptions you'll need while you travel 
  • From October to April Montana weather is very cold, so plan to bring warm clothing such as long sleeve shirts, sweaters, warm shoes, a set of gloves, a hat and a scarf.
    • If you forget to bring these items or you don't have them at the moment, don't worry. There will plenty of opportunities to shop! 
  • Toiletries for the first week 
  • The electricity supply in the US and the shape of electricity outlets may be different than in your home country. Electricity supply is 120 volts. If your appliances do not match the electricity supply or outlet shape, consider bringing an adapter or purchasing your electronics in the United States.
  • We recommend packing a carry-on bag with a change of clothes, toothbrush/toothpaste, snacks, any required medication (in its original container) and other items that you may need in your first few days in the United States.
    • In some cases lost luggage can take a few days to recover, so keep this in mind if there are things that you will need immediately. Also, remember to carry your important immigration documents in your carry-on luggage.