Deferred Admission

Deferred Admission Procedure

Students seeking deferred admission must contact their department chair and make a request to defer the admission for either one term or one year.  Departments may decide whether or not to grant requests for deferral.

A departmental memo or e-mail must be submitted from the departmental chair to the Graduate School, requesting the deferment.  After the Graduate School approves the request, the student's record will be inactivated in Banner.

In order to re-activate admission for the new term, the student must submit an Application for Readmission to the department for approval and signature.  If the student returns in the term in which they were approved, the Graduate School will waive the $20 readmissions fee. 

The Readmission Application may be submitted any time after registration opens for the newly-selected term. (For example, a student deferring from Fall 2009  would apply for admission any time after October 26 if intending to enter in Spring 2010 or after April 12, 2010, if deferring to Fall 2010.)  Exception:  International students may file a readmission form at the same time as the deferral request, due to time constraints associated with their visa paperwork.