International Admission

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students should monitor the embassy website specific to their home country for updates. A full list of embassies can be found here: 

International students should submit application materials at least six months before the term they wish to enter. Please check the "Program section" of this web site for the exact deadline date for applying to a particular program. Typically fall term begins the fourth week of August, spring term the second week of January, and summer term the second week of May. We encourage applicants to apply early in order to obtain a student visa and arrange for housing and travel to the United States.

International Admission Overview

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students should monitor the embassy website specific to their home country for updates. A full list of embassies can be found here:

 To be granted full admission, applicants must hold the equivalent of a U.S. baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. Usually transcripts will be evaluated by the Graduate School, however, in unusual circumstances, the University may require applicants to submit their credentials to an outside agency before an admission decision will be made.

Please review the Admission for International Students policy for English requirements.

Copy of Passport

Please send along a copy of your passport via email or postal service.

The 2021-2022 estimated costs of attendance (9 to 11 credits) at The University of Montana for an academic term of 9 months are:

Tuition and Fees $22,864
Living Expenses(*) $19,824
Total $42,688



Graduate Certificate of Financial Responsibility Form

Before issuing a visa (I-20) form, the Graduate School must receive a certified statement from a bank or sponsoring agency indicating that at least $42,688 (U.S. currency) is available to meet the first-year cost of study. Applicants may be asked to put this sum on deposit with The University of Montana. If applicants plan to bring their family to the United States, add $3,000 to the financial statement for a spouse and $1,500 for each child (under the age of 21). All estimates of cost are subject to change by the Montana Board of Regents without prior notice.


If you are currently attending a college or university in the United States and have an F1 visa, you must submit a Transfer Clearance Form to your international student office. It must be completed by them and returned directly to The University of Montana Graduate School. Please do not print this form unless you have already completed one of our online applications. 


Most programs do not offer teaching assistantships to first-year students from non-English speaking countries. Occasionally particular programs grant research assistantships to international students. However, applicants should not apply for admission unless they and/or their sponsors are able to provide the cost of at least the first year of study.

Contact Us

Questions regarding international admissions requirements can be directed to the Graduate School at

If you need your transcripts evaluated here are a couple of options:

UM's International Students and Scholars office has more information about student visas.

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