Option Letters

UM Housing will complete an audit at the beginning of each semester, the audit usually takes 1-2 weeks to complete. If you do not have a roommate once the audit is complete, you will be sent a 3 Options Letter. The same will happen if your roommate moves out mid-semester. This letter will give you 3 options to choose from to see how you would like to proceed with the empty space in your room. This letter is time sensitive and you will have 3 days to submit your response before you are defaulted. If you do not submit a response before the time and date noted on your Options Letter, you will be defaulted into Option 1 | Double as a Single for the Whole Year and your student account will charged the additional prorated amount indicated in your letter. 

Please note, if you received a letter during the 20-21 academic year the options on the letter and the default result will be different for the 21-22 academic year. UM Housing had adjusted our operations due to COVID-19 for the 20-21 academic year. UM Housing has returned to standard operations in regards to Option Letters and the options offered and the default result have returned to standard practice. 

Fall 2021 Options:

 Option 1 | Double as a Single for the Whole Year:

  • This option allows the student to select to keep their current room a double as a single for the entire academic year.
  • There is an additional cost to selecting this option. The letter will state an approximate amount for the additional charge for the current semester. When selecting this option you will be charged the full double as a single amount for spring semester with your registration bill. You can review the different types of room charges on our Residence Halls Rate page
  • The additional rate will go into effect on the day the semester audit was completed or the day your roommate moved out. 
  • All furniture must remain in the room. UM Housing will not remove any of the extra furniture. You may request to loft or bunk the beds to get some more space in the room; however, it is a $50 charge to have a bed height adjusted. You will need to request a bed height adjustment by submitting a work order request in your myHousingPortal

Option 2 | New Roommate from the Waitlist

  • If you would like a new roommate, but don’t have a specific person in mind, UM Housing will find you a new roommate using our semester waitlist. 
  • Residents choosing Option 3 are required to maintain the room in “Ready Room” condition. Meaning all items belonging to you must remain on your side of the room leaving the other side of the room clean and clear for a new roommate to move in at any time. If your room is found to not be in “Ready Room” condition either by our staff or a new roommate you will default back to the double as single option and be charged the full amount listed in your letter.  
    • "Ready Room" definition: all belongings of a resident are on their side of the room leaving the other side of the room clean and clear for the other roommate to check in at any time during the fall semester, winter break, or spring semester. All of the current resident's belongings must remain on their side of the room for UM Housing maintenance staff to clean the vacant side of the room and assess for damages once the vacating resident checks out and must remain on their side for a new roommate to move in.
  • UM Housing will attempt to text you (if you have a cell number on file) when a new roommate has accepted the room change offer. Due to the timing of offers and the ability of residents to accept offers in their portal, outside of business hours, UM Housing cannot guarantee that you will receive a text notification. Even when a text is sent the new roommate may already be on their way or have already arrived to your room, meaning you will not have time to go clean your room before they arrive, so you must have the room clean and ready for a new roommate at any time.

Option 3 | Find a Roommate Myself 

  • If you know someone who you would like to move into your room, you can select this option. All roommate moves must be approved by UM Housing prior to moving. Moves without prior approval from UM Housing may result in Community Standards (disciplinary) process for both the resident that moved and the resident that allowed the other to move into the room. 
  • When you select this option online you will be prompted to enter the full name, student ID number, and the room that the two of you will live in (in the event you both have an empty space and received Options Letters).
  • Once UM Housing has reviewed the request, you will both be notified of the decision. 
  • If the move is approved the person moving must complete the Room Change Agreement in their myHousingPortal before they can begin their move. Temp cards to move will not be issued until the agreement is signed. 


  • If you do not submit a decision by the deadline stated on your letter you will default to the Option 1 | Double as a Single for the Whole Year and you will be charged the double as a single amount listed on your letter.
  • If you default and later wish to submit a response you may. However, if your response is not Option 1 you will still be responsible for the prorated double as a single amount from the effective date indicated on you letter to the date you submit a response. Once the response is submitted, UM Housing will adjust the rate back to a double starting the date you submitted the letter. 

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