How & Where to Check In

UM Housing has three Area Desks that serve our students throughout the academic year. Students will check in at their Residence Hall's Area Desk.Area Desk Map

  • Craig Hall Area Desk: Craig, Duniway, and Elrod Hall residents
  • Jesse Hall Area Desk: Jesse, Turner, and Knowles Hall residents
  • Miller Hall Area Desk: Miller and Pantzer Hall residents

The Area Desks will open for check-in at 9 a.m on January 6th. If a student arrives to check into their Residence Hall when the Area Desk is closed, they may call the on-call phone number posted on the front doors of the Residence Hall. A staff member will meet them at the Area Desk and check them into their Residence Hall room.

What Is Needed for Check-In?

Students will need to have their Griz Card or a picture ID to check in. Their Griz Card will provide access to the front door and floor doors (where applicable) of their Residence Hall. 

If they do not have their Griz Card yet, students should request an outdoor access card to use until they get their Griz Card. Outdoor access cards are meant to be temporary and should be returned within 7 days. 

Please note that only the student can check into their room. Parents can not check in or pick up keys for students.

Students should submit a photo for their Griz Card online at prior to arriving on campus and/or visiting the Griz Card Center. Once their photo is approved, the Griz Card will be printed and an email will be sent with information on how to pick-up the card. Incoming freshmen living in the residence halls who submit their photo by January 1st will receive their card when they check in at their residence hall, which means they will not have to visit the University Center (UC) to pick up their card. Students who do not submit their photo by January 1st will need to visit the UC to pick up their card. 


The UM Police Department oversees parking at the University of Montana. We encourage students to be mindful that move in is a busy time and to not leave their vehicles in "quick stop" parking spaces for longer than the allowed time period. Please note that ticketing will still occur in reserved, quick stop, handicap, and no-overnight parking areas.