Information Technology

Information Technology

The Student Computer Fee Committee

The Student Computer Fee Committee develops recommendations for allocation of student computing fees.  The Student Computer Fee is one of three different student fees collected for the purpose of funding technology costs within the University. The Student Computer Fee (SCF) is a mandatory fee collected for the purpose of funding student related technology costs, including but not limited to computers, software, and student employment.  The Student Computer Fee fund is intended to supplement University funding for student IT, not pay the whole cost.


Summary of Operations

Student Computer Fee funds are governed by Student Computer Fee Committee(SCFC) members, comprised of at least 50 percent students, who are recommended by the Faculty Senate (one designee from Missoula College), two university staff and one designee appointed by the Provost.  Committee oversight is provided by the CIO.  Each year voting members elect their own chair. 

Duties outlined by the Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education policy 940.23 allow the committee to set its own rules governing the committee’s operating details, including fee allocations.

If you would like to learn more about any of our SCFC processes, please attend one of the meetings or contact one of our committee members under "Contact" at the bottom of this page.

Statement of Intent

Purpose: SCF committee oversees the spending of Student Computer Fee (SCF) allocations. SCF funds can be used for technological equipment, support, and infrastructure primarily for student use. (Include the regent’s policy number here).

Process: SCF committee requests and reviews proposals for technology based projects seeking to expend SCF funds. Proposals directly serving the greatest number of students in the most beneficial ways are given priority.

Proposals must include the following:

  • Description of the project, including rationale and implementation
  • Estimated number of students impacted
  • Quotes for full cost and any cost shares
  • Plan for maintenance and support

Guidance: Computing equipment and technology innovations made available for direct student use are a priority. Expenses for products or services that make technology more readily available to students may be considered. Products or services used primarily by faculty or staff are generally not accepted (note: review Student Instructional Equipment Funding (SIEF) process).  It is strongly recommended to create quotes and make purchases through GrizMart, the campus procurement system.

Submit a proposal for an Employment or Hardware/Software Allocation:

Student Computer Fee Employment Funding Request

Student Computer Fee Hardware/Software Funding Request

Keys to Success:

  • Include an updated and relevant quote.
  • Plan for a representative to attend a meeting to answer questions about your proposal. This is very strongly encouraged!  Not attending a meeting may delay the voting process on your proposal due to unanswered questions.
  • Shop around a bit for value.  Don’t just submit the first quote you find.
  • Estimates usually get returned for hard numbers.
  • Include recent and accurate quotes for the requested equipment.
  • Cost shares are well received.
  • Have a plan for maintenance and/or replacement. Maintenance plans cannot just be stated as "Apple Care".  Who provides the tech support and management of the purchased items?

Student Computer Fee Committee is Requesting Proposals for Technology Projects!

The Student Computer Fee Committee (SCFC)is soliciting proposals for technological equipment and IT infrastructure projects that directly serve student needs. Proposals that provide technologies for direct student use are a priority. Proposals for products or services used primarily by faculty or staff are discouraged. This fund is for special projects only, proposals seeking funds to cover employment will not be accepted.

Who can apply:

We encourage students, faculty, and non-IT staff to work with UM-IT staff to put forth a proposal. Submissions must come from a UM-IT staff sponsor in order to complete the submission process. We have created a list of IT staff that are resources to be reached out to.

Proposals will be rated by the following:

  • Demonstrated need and impact on studentsThe degree to which the equipment requested is technically sound with respect to hardware and software selection and how it will integrate with existing systems
  • The included quote(s)from the prospective hardware and software vendors (note: It is strongly recommended that quotes and purchases go throughGrizMart, the campus procurement system)
  • The implementation and maintenance plan describing the resources and entities responsible for supporting and sustaining the project.