MMUN 2022 Committee and Topics

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  1. General Assembly First Committee (GA1)
    1. Addressing the Use of Chemical and Biological Weapons
    2. The Relationship between Disarmament and Development 
  1. General Assembly Second Committee (GA2)

    1. Addressing International Migration and Development

    2. The Promotion of Information and Communications Technologies for Sustainable Development 

  1. Human Rights Council (HRC)

    1. Addressing the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples 
    2. The Rights of Those Displaced Due to Climate Change 
  1. Security Council (SC)

    1. Women, Peace, and Security
    2. The Situation in Afghanistan 
  1. United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA)

    1. Protecting and Restoring Marine Habitats 
    2. Incorporating Nature-Based Solutions to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals