Environmental Philosophy M.A. Requirements

Graduate Semester Credits

36 credits total

Philosophy Courses

(23 credits)

  • 15 of the 23 philosophy credits must be in whichever five core philosophy graduate seminars are offered during your time here. These will be drawn from:
    • Topics in Value Theory [PHIL 502, 3 credits]
    • Issues in the Anthropocene [PHIL 515, 3 credits]
    • Science and Environment [PHL 523, 3 credits]
    • Environmental Aesthetics [PHL 524, 3 credits]
    • Philosophy and Animals [PHIL 548, 3 credits]
    • Thoreau [PHL 572] [3 credits] 
  • 3 of the 23 credits must be in our overview course in Environmental Philosophy [PHL 422] 
  • 3 of the 23 philosophy credits are earned in a supervised Internship with an environmental organization or government agency [PHIL 598]
  • 2 of the 23 philosophy credits must be in the Philosophy Forum [PHIL 510]

Elective Credits

(9 credits)

These courses may be philosophy courses or any of the wide range of environmental courses offered outside the department. Courses outside of the department must be approved by the graduate advisor.

Civic Engagement Project

(4 credits)

Students complete a civic engagement project in their second year with written, oral, and web-based components.