UFA Executive Board/Faculty Senate Buyouts

University Faculty Associate Executive Board Members (CBA Section 3.600) and Faculty Senate Officers (CBA Section 7.200) are eligible for course buyouts each officer term. The UFA Executive Board/Faculty Senate Reassignment Funding Form must be completed in order to receive this buyout.

Process for form completion and submission:

  1. Faculty member completes the “Member Information” and “Course Reassignment Plan” sections of the form and signs as the “UFA/Faculty Senate Member.”
  2. Faculty member sends form to the UFA President or Faculty Senate Chair for approval. After they approve, it is sent to the faculty member’s Department Chair.
  3. Department chair/director sends form to the dean’s office for the dean and Fiscal Academic Manager’s (FAM) approval.
  4. Once the form is complete with the chair, dean, and FAM’s approval, it will be given to the UFA President/Faculty Senate Chair. The President and Chair will collect all the buyout forms and submit them to the Office of the Provost all at once.
  5. Once the forms are delivered to the Office of the Provost, they will complete any personnel paperwork that needs to be completed to issue the reassignment funds.

Note: Please use the PDF form for these requests, and use email to route it through the process to ensure there is a record of its going from one stage to the next.

Per the CBA, the UFA and Faculty Senate will submit to the Provosts' Office the plan that has been developed to cover the affected faculty for the following academic year prior to the end of the current spring semester or as soon as possible thereafter. Faculty receiving reassignment funding need to submit completed forms to the Provost's Office by the end of the fall semester.

If you have questions, please contact Hillary Stowell, Director of Academic Budgets and Personnel at Hillary.stowell@umontana.edu.