Event Planning

UM Conference & Event Services

UM Conference & Event Services (CES) is dedicated to helping ASUM groups plan and host events on campus. Their office schedules the University Center Student Union (UC), outdoor space, and helps coordinate with other campus venues and services. They can help student groups identify and schedule the appropriate venue for their event(s) and help them connect with other campus services such as catering, parking, technology, security, summer overnight housing, and more. The CES Audio and Lighting support team can provide PA sound systems, display technology, and specialty lighting for campus venues and outdoors.

CES also helps educate and enforce many UM and UC policies and procedures that are event related. They help communicate how events can interact with campus venues and how the events interact with the campus community including amplification, solicitation, food and beverage, animals, and free speech activities. Visit their Policies and Forms page for more information and guidance.

Conference & Event services encourages all ASUM student groups to meet their coordinators and call to schedule appointments to discuss large events. Simple room requests or questions can be made in person, by phone, or through their website. The CES website contains a lot of helpful information and resources for all things event related.

CES is located in University Center Room 340 on the 3rd floor. They are open Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm and can be reached in person, by phone at (406) 243-4119, or by emailing ces@umontana.edu.

Event Planning Recommendations

Here are some recommendations to help assist with event ideas, starting points, and collaborations:

Event Planning Checklist

UM Conference & Event Services has also put together an Event Planning Checklist to help you plan your next event! Be sure to follow it to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.