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About Us

The Sport Club Union at the University of Montana provides diverse sports opportunities for students across a broad range of skill levels and experiences. The SCU is NOT affiliated with university athletics or intramurals. Clubs provide students with the opportunity to learn, compete and enjoy recreational and social activities in the sport or activity of their choosing while still having the time to excel in academics.

Please note, we compete on the collegiate level (not NCAA) which means some clubs have tryouts or require payment of dues to participate. For more information, click the links of the club teams below.

The SCU is home to 12 men’s, women’s, and coed team including: 

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More information about each team can be found in the links above. Teams maintain a Grizhub page that provides more information about the team, including rosters, practice and competition schedules, and more information about how to join.

Sports Clubs in the Sports Club Union are required to follow the same initial recognition process as all other ASUM Student Groups. As such, all clubs are required to have a Griz Hub page.

If you are unable to reach a club, please contact the ASUM Business Manager.

How to Create a New Team

Sports Club groups follow the same initial recognition process as all other ASUM Student Groups.

After receiving ASUM recognition, the Sports Club Union requires a digital copy of the group’s recognition documents (including Bylaws, Risk Management Plan, and Leadership Agreements) submitted to the Sports Club Union Board. The Sports Club Union Board will then review and approve the group in joining the SMU.

If approved, the group is able to attend meetings and utilize some of the Union's funding resources.

NOTE: Due to the high risk associated, Sports Club Union Teams are required to submit an Acknowledgement of Risk Form for all members participating before team activities may begin.

Licensing and Trademark Use Requirements

When producing any printed material where your club team is tied to the University of Montana, it is a requirement that all teams have the materials reviewed and approved by UM Trademarks and Licensing. This includes any printed marketing material, uniforms, t-shirts, resale merchandise, etc.

For any Print Requests, email Erika Palmer at with the details. Emails should include: your team name, any logos or artwork, the vendor information, and a description of the way your team will use the printed material. It is a good idea to be as detailed as possible and provide all information you feel Erika could use in making her decision. If she needs more information from you, she will request it.

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