The Community Advisory Group Toolkit

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Effective community engagement can be crucial to developing high-impact broader impacts that are relevant to intended audiences. This toolkit was created in 2021-2022 through an ARIS fellowship project intended to develop a resource for researchers interested in partnering with a community advisory group (CAG) to plan, implement, and evaluate their NSF broader impacts or other public engagement related to their research.

Why partner with a community advisory group (CAG)?

  • Partnering with a CAG can help ensure that your broader impacts engagement serves and reflects the audiences you intend to reach.
  • CAG members will bring their unique expertise and lived experience to the co-design and implementation of your BI engagement.
  • Your BI efforts stand a better chance for sustainability if you co-design and co-implement them with CAG partners who have a stake in their success and longevity.

Who can use this toolkit?

This resource is intended primarily for researchers who are developing or implementing broader impacts engagement, as well as for broader impacts professionals who support and consult with researchers.