A Message From the Student Insurance Office:


  • Opting into the student health insurance plan during the semester registration does not confirm coverage. The student must complete their school enrollment/finalize their registration before enrollment into the plan can be activated. Contact the Student Accounts office at 406-243-2223 with questions regarding this process.
  • Due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), also known as the Privacy Act, all correspondence regarding the health insurance plan and the member must be done with the student unless there's a Release of Information on file. This includes requests to change initial insurance selections, or the member's insurance status. 

Insurance Selection Changes 

Changes to the initial insurance selection cannot be made through Cyberbear. Instructions regarding the process can be found under the appropriate section in the navigation pane on the left. 

AcademicBlue Student Health Insurance Plan Overview

Per the Montana University System and the Montana Board of Regents, students taking 6 or more state supported credits, and paying mandatory fees, as well as F1/J1 visa holding international students, are required to have health insurance. The AcademicBlue student health insurance plan is offered as an option to satisfy that requirement. 

Further information on the plan, and it's coverage, can be found by visiting the "Student Health Insurance Plan" section in the navigation pane one the left. 

For questions, or more information on any part of the insurance site, please contact Dawn Camara-Clark, the Student Insurance Advocate, at 406-243-2844 or


For a complete list of hours, check our contact/hours page.


Main Entrance, Upstairs and to the Left
Room 172


Dawn Camara-Clark
Phone: 406-243-2844  |  Fax: 406-243- 6981