A Message From the Student Insurance Office:

 The following is in response to inquiries we are receiving regarding COVID-19 benefit coverage under the Blue Cross Blue Shield AcademicBlue student health insurance plan:

  • Please visit Blue Cross Blue Shield's website for coverage information regarding COVID-19. Alternatively, you can contact Blue Cross directly by calling the Customer Service Students number at 1-855-267-0214 with questions. They will need either your 790# or Social Security Number to locate your file.
  • Please remember that the plan coverage is for the student only. There is no coverage for spouses/dependents under this plan.
  • Remember to have your Blue Cross Blue Shield Student Health Plan insurance card with you when visiting a health care provider. If you do not have an insurance card, or need a replacement, please contact me by emailing your request to Please, remember to include your 790# University of Montana student identification number, as well as your current mailing address so a permanent card can be mailed to you.

The University of Montana is doing everything it can to keep the faculty, staff, and students updated on COVID-19. For the most current information please, visit the Coronavirus webpage. This is where all campus communications, updates, news and FAQ’s will be posted.

-Dawn Camara-Clark, Student Insurance Advocate



Here at the University of Montana, we want our students to succeed. Unexpected medical bills can threaten a student's ability to complete their education. Adequate insurance coverage ensures students get the care they need to maintain good health.

The Montana University System requires all students taking 6 or more state supported credits, and paying the mandatory Health Services Fee, have and maintain major medical insurance while they are attending school. During the registration process, students will be required to make an insurance selection.

Selection Steps for NEW Students:

-Login to Cyberbear

-Select "Student Services"

-Once registration is open for the semester, select "Registration" from left-hand navigation - (Due to the challenges related to COVID-19, the opening of FALL 2021 registration has been delayed until March 22, 2021.) 

-Select appropriate term

-Follow the screens to make your insurance selection - Read ALL screens carefully! 

NOTE: Changes to the initial insurance selection cannot be made through Cyberbear. A change in the selection requires a manual adjustment to the student's account. This transaction requires the student's signature. The student must contact the Student Insurance office BEFORE  the 15th class day with this request for the correct form. No changes will be made after the deadline. 


For questions, or more information on any part of the insurance site, please contact the Student Insurance Advocate at 406-243-2844 or


For a complete list of hours, check our contact/hours page.


Main Entrance, Upstairs and to the Left
Room 172


Dawn Camara-Clark
Phone: 406-243-2844  |  Fax: 406-243- 6981