International Students

All students are required to have, and maintain, major medical insurance coverage while attending classes at the University of Montana. International students on non-immigrant visas are automatically charged the premium for the student health insurance plan as part of their tuition.

In order to waive the premium, you MUST provide documentation of proof of other medical insurance coverage. You should have a Certificate of Coverage, or something similar, that details the required information below on it. If you do not, you should be able to obtain one from your insurance carrier by contacting them directly.


Required Information:

*MUST be a hard copy of document (not a screen shot of an email saying you have coverage)


*MUST meet University of Montana International Exchange requirements if you are an F-1 or J-1 Visa holder listed on the Global Engagement Office website.

*MUST contain:

  • Carrier information
  • Student’s Name
  • Coverage Details (What is covered/how much is covered)
  • Coverage period dates: (You must be covered for the whole semester)


Spring: January 1-May 31

Fall: August 1-December 31



This process must be done EACH semester. If you fail to provide proof of other coverage that meet the requirements stated, BEFORE the 15th class day, you will be charged for the student insurance.

For questions, or more information, please contact the Student Insurance Advocate at 406-243-2844 or