Note-taking accommodation

To request the note-taking accommodation, the students need to receive approval from their coordinator. If the coordinator verifies the right to peer note-taking as a reasonable accommodation, the Office for Disability Equity will:

  • photocopy the notes at the ODE office.
  • provide $30 in UMoney to the volunteer note-taker during the finals week. 

How to arrange a note-taker

Find a classmate to share notes with you. If a search is unsuccessful, ask your instructors for their assistance in finding a note-taker by making an announcement in the class.

An example of the announcement: "A student is looking for a note-taker in this class. The note-taker will receive $30 in UMoney during the finals week from the Office for Disability Equity. Please see me after class for more information."

Deadline to notify us

  • Summer 2022: Monday, July 25
  • Fall 2022: Monday, December 5

When you use a note-taker

Students, who use the note-taking accommodation during the semester, need to submit their note-takers information by email at by the deadline.

The email should include the following information:

  • Your full name and your University ID

  • Your note-takers' names
 and their University IDs
  • The courses (i.e. BIOB 101)
 for which you had note-takers

Please include the complete necessary information in your email when you submit your note-takers' information. Incomplete information will cause a delay to issue the UMoney to your note-takers.

The image example of the email notice with the note-takers information

It reads Dear Disability Services, I used note-taking accommodations during the Fall 2021 semester. Below is my notetaker's information. John Doe   790100100 BIOB 101. Thank you, Mary Poppins. 790000000