FCFC Scholarships

The W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation awards more than 150 scholarships to incoming, undergraduate and graduate students each year.  Former students and professors, friends and family members of alumni, and people wishing to conserve natural resources have all contributed funds to support this broad list of scholarships.  Many scholarships look at more than academic merit as criteria for award.  Students apply online through the UM Scholarship Portal AND complete a supplemental FCFC application.

Deadline:  Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Applicants:  Graduate / Undergraduate

Description:  Open to all current FCFC students and incoming students if they have been admitted prior to the scholarships deadline.  Specific awards are dependent upon a variety of factors, such as major, standing, academic merit and/or financial need.  Please visit the Additional Information & Helpful Hints page for more information on how the UM Scholarship Portal matches students to appropriate scholarships.


To apply for an FCFC Scholarship, use the UM Scholarship Portal and sign in with your UM NetID.  You will fill in a general application form and then a conditional FCFC application with some additional questions specific to our College's scholarships.  You don’t apply for specific scholarships; the Scholarship Portal will assign applications to each scholarship based on the donor criteria that have been uploaded.

You will need to upload a Letter of Application in the FCFC conditional application.  Many of our scholarships have unique criteria such as specific academic interests, hobbies, background or work experience.  We suggest that you read through our Award Descriptions and address whether you meet any of those criteria in your Letter of Application.  If you need to amend a letter that you have already uploaded into the Portal, please see our Helpful Hints section below for instructions.

You will also need to enter the email addresses of two references, who will then receive a link to fill out the online nomination form and upload their Letter of Recommendation.

Scholarship details:  If awarded a scholarship from the FCFC, you’ll receive half the total amount each semester in the next academic year.  This amount appears as a credit against tuition on the fee statement you receive after registration.  Funds may be revoked if you do not remain in good standing, are not enrolled full time, or you change to a major not approved for your specific scholarship or outside of the W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation.  Generally, scholarships are for one year only.

New incoming students: 

We have scholarships just for you!  You'll apply through the UM Scholarship Portal.  You will need to activate your umontana email account and get your UM NetID in order to sign in to the scholarship portal (please see the UM Admissions web site for steps on how to do this).  You will also need to complete a Letter of Application and provide contact information of two references.  Contact us at request@cfc.umt.edu if you need any help with this.  If you have just been accepted, please allow the system to refresh overnight before applying so that all of your information will upload.  If you logged in to the scholarship portal before the FCFC Conditional Application opened, please log back in to see if you are eligible for additional opportunities.

About the UM Scholarship Portal

In the UM Scholarship Portal, scholarships are called "opportunities."  When you fill out the General Application, you will be considered for all UM scholarships for which you are eligible.  Eligibility is based upon certain criteria as set by the scholarship donor, such as GPA, financial need, and/or standing (freshman, sophomore, etc.), to name just a few.  Most scholarships are auto-matched, meaning that your student information is imported from UM's student database (Banner), so your major, GPA and class standing, for example, are automatically populated in the application.

If you are enrolled in an FCFC major, you'll complete and submit the General Application and then you'll receive a prompt to complete the FCFC Conditional Application.  These are the scholarships that require you be an FCFC major.  You'll then be auto-matched to a particular scholarship(s) based on the donor's criteria.

Helpful Hints

You may want to look at the Award Descriptions of each scholarship before you apply.  Some donors have asked that recipients of their scholarship meet specific criteria.  There may be some required criteria that you may not otherwise think to include in your application.  Please answer all questions on the FCFC Conditional Application completely.

Your Letter of Application should detail your specific area of academic interest, work experience, financial need, interests & hobbies, and any other information about yourself that you would like the FCFC Scholarship Committees to know.  Letters of Application should be approximately 1-2 pages long.  If you need to amend a letter that you have already uploaded into your application, save the updated version on your computer under a new name.  Then, log into the Portal and click on View and select the new file name from the drop-down box.  Please be sure to click on the Update My Application button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Each applicant will receive a message through their university email account from the FCFC letting you know if you received a scholarship.  Notifications will be sent out by early-April.  Scholarships recipients will be recognized at the W.A. Franke College of Forestry & Conservation Awards Reception.  Current student scholarship winners who are living in Missoula are requested to attend this reception.  Information about the reception dates and time will be included in your scholarship email.

Some of our scholarships require the recipient to write a Thank You letter to the donor.  You will be notified of this when you receive an award, at which time you should review UM's Thank You Letter Guidelines.  The process of submitting Thank You letters will be outlined in the email notification you receive.  Failure to submit a thank you letter - if required - will result in the forfeiture of your award.

Contact us with any questions

Phone: 406-243-5521
Fax: 406-243-4845

Or, stop by the FCFC Student Services Office in FOR 204.