Who is my advisor?

Find out who your advisor is:  Go to Cyberbear and use your Net ID and password to log in.  In the Navigation menu located at the top of the screen, select Student Services.  This will take you to your profile page which will show your advisor and faculty mentor.

If your profile does not have an advisor listed for you, please stop by the FCFC Student Services Office in Forestry 204.

You may contact your advisor and mentor directly.  Contact information is available in the FCFC Directory or contact your department office for assistance. 

Who to contact for advising help

Shonna Trowbridge: Advising for Ecosystem Science & Restoration; Environmental Science & Sustainability; Resource Conservation; and Wildlife Biology (last names S-Z); 406-243-4844; Forestry Bldg. room 204

Nola Moudry:  Advising for Forestry, Geography; and Parks, Tourism & Recreation Management; 406-243-6637; Forestry Bldg. room 204

Chenoa Harrington: Advising for Wildlife Biology (last names A-R): 406-243-5272; Forestry Bldg. room 204

Jennifer Harrington: Advising and mentoring for Native American students: 406-243-5561; Forestry Bldg. room 101

Why do I need an advisor?

Academic advisors have information on policies, deadlines, general education requirements and more.  You will be assigned a permanent academic advisor soon after the beginning of fall or spring semester depending on when you begin your studies here at UM. 

Faculty mentors are your primary source of career information and can serve as references for jobs.  You should talk to them about your career choices and interests in your field.  We encourage you to meet with them each semester.

Group Advising

All of our undergraduate degree programs have group sessions each semester for students to be advised.  You should come prepared to these sessions with your NetID and password.  It is also advised that you review your major status in Degree Works and make a tentative plan using the Registration link, selecting the appropriate semester, and then clicking on the Plan Ahead link.  All of this can be found on your Cyberbear profile page.

Advising Numbers

Advising numbers are only available to students who have attended a group advising session or have seen their advisor.  These numbers change every semester.  Post-bac (students who already possess a Bachelor’s degree) and graduate students do not need advising numbers to register for classes.