Race and Ethnicity


Education abroad can offer you an opportunity to explore your identity. In most cases, your interaction with host nationals will be among the most rewarding aspects of your experience abroad and you may have an opportunity to learn about your ancestral history and culture first-hand. Sometimes, however, your race, ethnicity or other identity anchors may be read or interpreted differently than you are accustomed to in the U.S.  or you may find that your racial or ethnic identity is seen in a new way. You may also encounter different cultural norms related to race and minority status, where racism and other forms of discrimination are performed, viewed, and addressed differently than you are used to. 

Therefore, it is important for you to understand how cultural differences can impact perceptions of race, ethnicity, and identity in a cross-cultural context. Developing this understanding is an important component of your preparation to study abroad. 

We encourage you to discuss these topics with your advisers on campus and previous study abroad program participants and also explore the following resources and insightful stories 

UM Resources

UM Diversity – A page outlining events, resources, awards & scholarships, academics & curriculum, and campus units dedicated to celebrating diversity  

American Indian Student Services   

African Students Association 

Black Student Union 

Black & Abroad

Central and Southwest Asian Club 

China Table (contact amanda.cunningham@umontana.edu

French Club 

German Club 

Irish Club 

Japanese Student Association 

Latinix Student Union 

Pacific Islanders Club 

Russian Club 

Spanish Club 

Resources, Guides, and Success Stories

General Resources

Racial & Ethnic Minority Students Abroad A list of tips and questions for racial and ethnic minority students from Diversity Abroad 

ALLABROAD.us is a comprehensive site for students interested in diversity issues abroad. The site also provides specific advice for African Americans, Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, Hispanic and Latino Americans and Native Americans. 

DiversityAbroad.com offers discussion forums, destination guides, student blogs, and a funding directory to assist students of diverse backgrounds. 

Diversity Issues in Study Abroad is a collection of Brown University student perspectives about diversity, identity and discrimination abroad. 

Heritage Seekers 

Resources for Asian-American Students:  

Asian American/Pacific Islander Students Abroad- A resource page from the State University of New York 

Resources for Black and African American-American Students 

Study Abroad Matters: Top 10 Reasons for African American Students to Study Abroad addresses the specific benefits to African American students of studying abroad. 

Being Black in an African Country - An article by an ASU student on her experience in Morocco, sharing how she turned a harsh reality into a positive experience 

My Very Personal Taste of Racism Abroad - a New York Times essay from an African-American woman who had an eye-opening experience due to a series of troubling racial encounters while studying abroad in Italy 

Encounters of Another Color, by Stephanie Griffith, appeared in the New York Times and describes her experience as a black American student in Madrid, Spain. 

Black & Abroad 

NPR Codeswitch Podcast 

Resources for LatinX and Hispanic Students:  

10 Reasons for Hispanic-American Students to Study Abroad - Article from the Hispanic Network 

7 Study Abroad Scholarships for Hispanic Students - GoAbroad Article 

My Study Abroad Experience as a First-Generation Mexican-American - Article by International Studies Abroad Today 

Resources for Native American Students: 

Native American Students Abroad - A resource page from the State University of New York 

Native Land - An interactive map to know what indigenous land you are on anywhere in the world.  

Resources for Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian Students:  

Asian American/Pacific Islander Students Abroad - A resource page from the State University of New York