General Education Committee


Kimberly Reiser


Held every other Wednesday from 4:00-5:30 p.m. in GBB 225


The primary responsibility of the General Education Committee is ongoing evaluation and assessment of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the general education requirements and criteria. The General Education Committee acts as an advocate for general education, proposes revisions to its requirements and criteria, reviews proposals, and ensures that all general education requirements are feasible within campus constraints, Board of Regents policies, and legislative actions.
General Education Preamble

Information on obtaining General Education or major approval for your Study Abroad coursework is available on the Study Abroad website (see Step 4).

Rolling Review of General Education Groups 

Master list of Approved Courses

Spring 2016

Fall 2017

Fall 2018

Fall 2019

12/12 Consent Agenda

12/13 Consent Agenda

12/14 Consent agenda

12/14 Consent Agenda
2/15 Consent Agenda

Ethics Historical & Cultural Literary & Artistic Studies Symbolic Systems
Expressive Arts Natural Science American & European Language Excemptions
Social Science


Indigenous & Global Language

March 30th Listening Session Notes