A regular office visit is $25. Specialist visits with our Psychiatrist or Podiatrist are $35. You may be charged additionally fees for procedures, lab-work and X-rays.

Payment is not due at the time of service. All charges will go to the student's Cyberbear account.

Insurance Billing

  • At this time, Curry only offers insurance billing for students with the University of Montana Student Health Insurance Plan (AcademicBlue or SHIP). Most medical services provided at Curry Health Center are fully covered by this insurance plan. For more details, please see the insurance webpage: https://www.umt.edu/curry-health-center/insurance/default.php
  • For students with Medicaid, Medicare and TRICARE insurance: We are not Medicaid, Medicare or TRICARE providers. Medicaid, Medicare and TRICARE will not reimburse students for any services received at Curry Health Center. You are still welcome and encouraged to seek care at Curry Health Center; we try to keep our prices as low as possible and aim to offer affordable for all UM students.
  • For students with private health insurance: We are not able to bill your insurance plan directly. We do offer a billing statement of your charges, which you can submit to your insurance to request reimbursement. Reimbursement is not guaranteed and will depend on the terms of your plan.