Pre-Health Sciences

Community Description

Professor G-Wiz Magic ShowIncoming new students with an interest in a science-based major or career in health sciences can participate in the Pre-Health Sciences Living Learning Community to assist in their transition to science at the university level and exploration of future health sciences careers. 

This community has often attracted students planning to study Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Med, Geo-Sciences, Pre-Nursing or Wildlife Biology. All students with an interest in exploring health sciences topics or careers are welcome.  

Students in this community who are expected to enroll in CHEM 141 as part of their academic requirements will be placed near each other in one part of the community to help create connections and form study groups. Additionally, the Resident Assistants on the floors are science majors who have successfully taken Chemistry 141 and can provide insight and assistance for new students.

Programs & Events

Past programs for this community have included:

  • Study sessions in the building before quizzes and exams in the course
  • Chemistry 'magic show' with UM resident wizard 'G-Wiz' (Dr. Garon Smith)
  • Informational sessions about applying to Pharmacy School and tours of the Pharmacy School for Pre-Pharmacy majors
  • Panel discussions on how to be successful in Chemistry 141 from upper-class students who have taken the course

Housing Location

The Pre-Health Sciences Living Learning Community is located in Craig Hall. Male residents live on the 1st floor South wing and female residents live on the 2nd floor South wing.

How to Apply

To apply for the Pre-Health Sciences LLC, please select this community on the online housing application. There is not a separate application to be a member of the Pre-Health Sciences LLC; however, students will be registered for the Chemistry 141 course and corresponding workshop sections before orientation in the summer. If a student is not registered for Chemistry 141, they may be removed from the community.

To Change Application Preferences:

Prior to April 1st, if a student has already applied to housing and is interested in this community, they can update their LLC preferences in their application in their myHousingPortal as long as it is before room assignments for the following fall have begun.

Room assignments for the following fall generally begin in April of the preceding spring. Once assignments begin, you are not able to update your application yourself. 

  • If you are assigned a room - changing your application preferences will not change your room assignment. If you are interested in moving into the LLC after you have already been assigned a room for the fall semester you will need to sign up on the summer waitlist which will be available in your myHousingPortal. The summer waitlist generally opens on May 1st.
  • If you have not been assigned - you can contact Casey Cronin to see if we can update your LLC preferences before you are assigned a room. Please note that once room assignments begin in April they are done on a continuous basis. If you are wanting to update your preferences and have not been assigned, contact our office right away so we can try to update your request before the next round of assignments are made.

Contact for Additional Information

For additional information about the Pre-Health Sciences Living Learning Community, please contact John Nugent, Director of Residential Education and Community Standards, or Dr. Mark Cracolice, Professor for the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.

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