Approver Guide


Be on the lookout for the misuse of earn codes.

  • The deadline for approving timesheets is no later than 5:00pm on the first working day after the pay period ends.
  • ‘Return for Correction’ should only be used when sufficient time exists to meet the deadline.
  • Inform your employee if their timesheet has been returned for correction.


  • Login to CYBERBEAR using your Net ID & password.
  • Click on ‘Employee’ link.
  • Click on the ‘Enter Time’ button on the right side of the page.
  • Under My Choice, click ‘Approve or Acknowledge Time’.  NOTE: If you’re acting on behalf of another Approver, select the appropriate choice from the Act as Proxy dropdown box.
  • Click the Select button.
  • From the Dept. & Description My Choice Pay Period drop down box, select the current pay period
  • Select the appropriate radial button to “Sort employees’ record by_____”.
  • Click the Select button.


  • In the Other Information column, look for comments.
  • In the Name, Position & Title column, click the blue hyper link of the employee’s name.
  • Review the submitted timesheet in detail. Be sure to scroll right to view all the information.
  • Pay specific attention to the hours reported by your employee and on what day the hours were reported.
  • To review leave balances, click on the link in the Other Information column to the right.
  • Click the Approve button under the Employee’s name if the timesheet is correct.
  • NOTE: The page will refresh and display a message that the timesheet was approved.
  • Click the Next button or Previous Menu button to access the next timesheet to be approved if you approve more than one.


  • If you find an entry on the timesheet that the employee must correct, return the timesheet for correction as follows:
  • Click the Add Comment button. NOTE: Add Comment must be clicked first before Return for Correction.
  • Type a message to the employee explaining what correction(s) are needed for their timesheet to be approved.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Click the Previous Menu button to return the time sheet.
  • Click the Return for Correction button. A message will appear saying “Time transaction successfully returned for correction”.
  • Click the Previous Menu button to return to the Approver Summary Page.
  • Contact the employee to let them know their timesheet has been returned for correction.  NOTE:  Add in email subject line to employee(s):  “TIMESHEET RETURNED FOR CORRECTION”.


  • Every Approver must identify at least one proxy.
  • A proxy is a person who can act as an Approver if you’re not available. You must setup your own Proxy.
  • On the Selection Criteria page, click the Proxy Set Up link which appears at the bottom of the page.
  • From the Name dropdown box, select the person you want designated as a proxy. The list is confusing, as it displays the first name, last name, and Banner login, but is sorted by last name.
  • Check the box in the Add column.
  • Click the Save button.